Webinar: Designing assessment tools for clustered units

Skills are distinguished from each other by units of competency and each skill is important in its own right. But in workplaces or in simulated contexts any given task usually requires the application of more than one skill. Clustering takes advantage of that through assessing several skills in a single assessment design.

This webinar explores strategic approaches to assessment for clustered units. We identify the fundamentals – keeping good assessment design simple, avoiding over-assessment and repetition, yet still collecting the necessary evidence.

Audience: Assessors and Assessment Designers

Topics covered include:

  • Review of the fundamentals of designing assessment

  • Overview of the challenges that clustered units present for assessment design

  • Strategies for simplifying the assessment of clustered units

  • How to simplify the collection of evidence and recording of results

Benefits and learning outcomes include:

  • Reduce stress when designing assessment for clustered units

  • Reduced repetition and/or over-assessment of clustered units

  • Clarification of evidence and results recording

Presenter: Anni Yaringa