Webinar: Don't just write it - Sketchnote it!

with VDC 2016 Teaching & Learning Conference MC, Donna "Quickdraw" McGeorge 

Have you always admired sketchnotes? The way they catch your attention and engage you in the content? Have you always felt too "artistically challenged to give them a try? Think again - all that is required is a few simple tools and ideas and a method to put them together. 

This webinar will give you heaps of great ideas to enhance your teaching resources using simple lines and shapes. Using Donna's unique visual presentation method you will learn the techniques to transform your notes into simple and visually appealing resources.

Be sure you have access to pen and paper during the webinar, so you can practice the techniques!

This webinar was previously titled 'Pictographics for the artistically challenged'.

Audience: Anyone who teaches, presents or facilitates 

Topics covered include:

  • Your handwriting - aiming for legibility and speed

  • Headings and banner that stand out

  • Simple icons and images that connect

Benefits and learning outcomes include:

  • Confidence in their use of graphics

  • Skills to enhance the learner experience

  • Simple tips and tricks to use on charts

  • Understanding of what it takes to present with charts

 Presenter: Donna McGeorge

Sketchnote example