Webinar: Immersive assessment in the VET context: Demonstration of competence

Assessment is at the heart of every education system. Credible assessment in VET builds and maintains the faith of students and employers that learning can be applied in workplaces. New RTO Standards give weight to these expectations by requiring that assessment is flexible and reflects student needs. 

This webinar explores immersive assessment which aligns learning goals with a learner’s personal experience. Immersive assessment designs transform teaching practice and student learning by reimagining real world problems as problem-solving opportunities that drive learning.

Audience: Teachers and Curriculum Designers who want to ensure that assessment is relevant to learners and reflects accreditation requirements.

Topics covered include:

  • Clarification between immersive learning and involved learning

  • Brief description of how humans learn and retain information applying their learning in real-world contexts

  • Strategies for creating assessments that support students in retaining transferrable knowledge and skills

  • Examples of ‘teaching through assessment’ strategies using collaborative digital tools relevant to VET programs

Benefits and learning outcomes include:

  • Explore the concepts of immersion and involvement and their relationship to transferrable knowledge and skills

  • Develop strategies for creating immersive assessment activities that meet the 2015 requirements of RTO Standards

  • Engage with VET based models of immersive assessment

Presenter: Cherry Stewart