Webinar: Supporting student productivity in the digital age

Digital literacy is essential well beyond the sphere of education. Increasingly employers expect their workforces to actively draw on digital capabilities to manage activities as diverse as enterprise partnerships, collaborative projects, customer interactions and professional development. 

Webinar participants will get to know the ins and outs of digital platforms and how to incorporate them into learning and teaching. The webinar emphasises the importance of incorporating apps and other digital resources into assessment designs so that student productivity is maximised, just as their current and future workplaces will require.

Audience: Teachers, Trainers, Subject Matter Experts and Managers

Topics covered include:

  • Supporting informal learning

  • Collection, Curation, Sharing – Hallmarks of digital literacy

  • Google- the plank for personal digital organisation

  • Web curation apps for personal knowledge management

  • Communication participation apps – framing the digital identity

  • Integrating personal productivity into teaching and learning

  • Using social learning in formative and summative assessment

Benefits and learning outcomes include:

  • Strategy for implementing personal productive tasks with learners

  • Knowledge for setting up Google apps with learners

  • Identify apps to sustain digital literacy 

  • Ideas for integrating activities centred on digital curation

  • Understanding online communication possibilities in teaching and learning

Presenter: Michael Gwyther