Webinar: Understanding the rules of evidence

A goal of good assessment design is planning to collect the right kind of evidence. Professional assessment practice concentrates on collecting and documenting that evidence. The Standards for RTOs 2015 define the right kind of evidence as having four dimensions – it’s valid, sufficient, authentic and current. 

This webinar unpacks the rules applying to each dimension, and explains how to demonstrate you’ve applied the rules in your assessment designs and practice. We’ll look at examples that miss the point, and examples that measure up to the right kind of evidence.

Audience: Assessors, Assessment Designers, Compliance Managers and Internal Auditors

Topics covered include:

  • What the standards say

  • What the rules in practice

  • Taking a risk-based approach (vs over complicating your assessments)

  • Typical examples of how we get it wrong

Benefits and learning outcomes include:

  • Better understanding of the rules of evidence

  • Ways to demonstrate validity, sufficiency, authenticity and currency for auditors

  • Using a risk-based approach to avoid over-assessing and over-complicating assessment

  • Hints for avoiding typical traps in terms of rules of evidence

Presenter: Anni Yaringa