Webinar: Using Google apps to manage compliance requirements

Compliance builds and maintains the confidence of students, employers and governments. For RTOs, compliance is business critical. It can also be overwhelming without reliable, responsive systems. A suite of Google apps can help RTOs implement an effective, integrated, manageable compliance strategy.

This webinar lifts the bonnet on Google apps – what they do and how they can make a big difference to RTO compliance management and continuous improvement.

Audience: CEOs, Quality Assurance Managers, Training Managers, IT Managers

Topics covered include:

  • Seamless Complaints and Appeals with Google Forms

  • Continuous improvement management with Google Forms and Sheets

  • Student eligibility assessing and management including automatic pdfs for filing

  • Why “Single Source of Truth” in a cloud based system is better

  • Staff Intranet for allocating workflows to roles within the training organisation - Google Sites and Google Drive

  • Student Intranet for consistent and current provision of student information – Google Sites and Google Drive

Benefits and learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding of how Google Forms and Google Sheets work together to collect and manage information

  • Understanding of how Forms and Gmail achieve automatic notifications

  • Appreciation of how Google Sites and Google Drive manage and integrate information

  • Ability to explain the benefits of “Single Source of Truth” in a cloud based system

Presenter: Tim Morrissey