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A Life-Changing Live Patient Treatment Program

There is a power and a spirit within you that once unleashed, can never be stopped. The core of the LVI Philosophy of dentistry, this life-changing experience, will ignite your spirit, increase your clinical confidence and fulfill your boldest imaginations. As the clinician completely responsible for the artistic result, you will gain the knowledge of comprehensive aesthetic, occlusion, case presentation and marketing skills during this program. These skills will give you an increased feeling of confidence and pride.


This intense, hands-on, live-patient treatment program concentrates on developing a critical eye for aesthetic excellence. This course includes comprehensive clinical training, practical occlusion concepts, creating a positive philosophical attitude and effective case acceptance principles. You will not only benefit from personal instruction on your

own case, but you will view and help diagnose over 300 restorative units from the other attendees.



This six-day course features live-patient treatment.  You are required to bring a patient of record from your practice.  Recommended cases include 8-10 units of porcelain veneers/crowns or a combination of both.  Your case will be completed under the guidance of a clinical instructor.



• Scientific principles of smile design

• Functional occlusion in aesthetic dentistry

• Advantages of all-porcelain restorations to create maximum aesthetics

• Eliminating sensitivity

• The rapid cementation technique

• Understanding adhesive dentistry for predictable results

• Diagnosis and treatment planning

• Necessary and optimal laboratory communication

• Amazing 10-minute temporization technique

• Predictably restoring the dark tooth

• “Instant” orthodontics

• Soft tissue recontouring

• Advanced aesthetic soft tissue procedures

• Using supragingival margins even with dark roots

• Resin-bonded bridges

• Endo aesthetics

• Understanding dental materials




• Determining fees

• Insurance management

• Marketing the aesthetic practice

• Generating the aesthetic demand in your practice

• Effective case presentations

• Eight steps to getting the patient to say "yes"

• Getting paid prior to treatment

• Developing the patient-centered practice

• Team management

• Understanding your team and your patients

• Achieving financial freedom

• Your team's role in practice development

• High-tech dentistry

• Hygiene's role in the aesthetic practice

• Plus much, much more!

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