This event is closed. If you have any questions, please contact the planner directly.

WHAAS 2020, Corporate Partner Exhibition

February 26 & 27

The news is full of stories about rural hospitals closing across the country. In most small communities the hospital is a major employer, so the closures not only impact local healthcare for the community, many people lose their jobs. It’s a sad story, but it isn't ours.

For over 30 years WHA has been the hub for members to collaborate to improve rural healthcare. From collaborative program development to save money and improve efficiencies, to sharing resources like policies, processes, and specialists, WHA members thrive by helping each other. 

Our Corporate Partners are important to the sustainability of our rural members. With your help, WHA members lead the charge in not only surviving but changing the landscape of rural healthcare and thriving in the communities they call home.

For WHAAS 2020 we've changed the exhibition time to span several hours on Wednesday, February 26th and then the full day on Thursday, February 27th. We hope you find this gives you more time with members and potential to gain more WHA members as clients. We've also invited members of WHA's population health company, Community Care Alliance to join us for the Summit.

Join us at WHAAS 2020 as we reinvent rural healthcare together. Click here to view available exhibit and sponsor packages. 

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