Wi-Fi roaming with eduroam, Govroam, and ANYROAM


Join NYSERNet and Philippe Hanset, co-founder and CEO of ANYROAM, for a free webinar discussing the future of eduroam. Education roaming (eduroam) provides researchers, faculty and students easy and secure access when visiting an institution other than their own.

Participation in eduroam has grown from two schools in 2009 to five-hundred in 2017. The standards used for eduroam are still the same, but the convenience for users and operators has changed drastically and is about to become even better. Many more participants are joining the higher education eduroam federation, and other federations are being created such as govroam and ANYROAM. The future of Wi-Fi roaming is exciting.

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When: Tues., Dec. 5 at 1:30 p.m.
Where: Online via Blue Jeans Video Conference
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PHILIPPE HANSET is co-founder and CEO of ANYROAM, a company that provides secure andPHPic

convenient Wi-Fi roaming services for Research and Education, State and Federal Government, HealthCare, First Responders, Businesses, and the general public. Hanset has more than 25 years of experience in Internetworking technologies, which includes 17 years with Wi-Fi. Hanset started the eduroam project in the US and led its growth to more than 500 connected institutions today. Hanset's vision is to spread the success of eduroam beyond the campus and facilitate access to Wi-Fi to all.