Wireshark Workshop


Two potential options to obtain Wireshark Training 
NYSERNet has negotiated discounted rates for both an in-person Wireshark Course and an On-Demand All Access Pass to all Wireshark course content taught through Chappell University.

Option 1, $2,500
A three-day, in-person Wireshark Course taught by the Laura Chappell, author of "Wireshark 101" and "Troubleshooting with Wireshark".  The estimated cost per-person is $2,500.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Troubleshooting Methodology
Section 2: Master Key Wireshark Troubleshooting Tasks
Section 3: Learn Capture Methods and Use Capture Filters
Section 4: Troubleshoot with Time
Section 5: Master Basic and Advanced IO Graph Functions
Section 6: Focus on Traffic Using Display Filters
Section 7: TCP/IP Communications and Resolutions Overview
Section 8: Analyze Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Protocol
Section 9: Identify Problems Using Wireshark’s Expert
Part 10: Command-Line and 3rd Party Tools 

Option 2, $599 (save $100)
The All Access Pass includes unlimited access to a variety of courses covering network analysis, troubleshooting and security. View All Access Pass course list 

The Online Portal offers a tracking system to indicate where you are in a course.

If you're interested in either of these options for Wireshark training, please register today. At this point we're collecting registrations only to determine interest. If we meet the minimum number of participants, you will be notified of potential dates and locations.