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2018 Wyoming-Eastern Colorado Regional JSHS
University of Wyoming 
March 23, 2018


Wyoming- Eastern Colorado 

JSHS 2018

The Abstract 

All students intending to apply must submit an abstract and research paper reporting the results of their STEM research. Abstracts and research papers should be word or PDF files and will be uploaded into this registration. When saving and naming files for upload, please use the following file name format: Last Name_First Name_Abstract and Last Name_First Name_Research Paper.


An abstract of 200 words or less giving an overview of the research.

No pictures, charts, graphs or attachments may accompany the abstract. Immediately preceding the body of the abstract, the text must also include:

         1) Title of the research
         2) Name(s) of the author(s) name(s)
         3) High school, high school city, high school state
         4) Name of teacher/mentor/sponsor and his or her organization.
             Please precede the individual's name with a subheading that identifies the role (e.g., Teacher:Joe Smith)

         5) Include one line of space between the heading and the abstract body. 

Please note that the words in the title and other information (points 1-4 above) do not count against the 200 word limit.



HOW DO I WRITE AN ABSTRACT?                 

Abstracts are primary means by which scientists decide which research reports to read.  The abstract is a very brief overview of your entire research project. The abstract tells the reader what you did, why you did it, what you found, and what those data mean. The sequence of sentences is ordered in a logical fashion, beginning with an introduction that includes your hypothesis and proceeding to your test. Distill the most important items of your research project and leave out unimportant or distracting details. As a first draft, write one or two sentences that summarize each section. For your final draft, make sure the abstract flows logically. It can be helpful to read it out loud to yourself and to give it to a friend, teacher, parent, mentor, etc. to read. Ask them to tell you what they think you actually did and what you found. See if they can tell your story based on what they read. Revise as necessary based on the helpful comments that you receive.       

Additional suggestions for writing the abstract can be located on the National JSHS web site at www.jshs.org.