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Would you take a lie detector test with a stranger?
TRUTHMACHINE is the multi-award winning transmedial theatre experience x social experiment from techno trouble-makers, COUNTERPILOT. TRUTHMACHINE is an intimate interactive performance for 12 patrons at a time, blurring the line between live performance and auditory/headphone theatre. Using real biometric sensors and live voting systems, TRUTHMACHINE seeks out truth in a world of fake news and alternative facts. Take a seat, pull on your headphones and lean into the mic. Will you be the subject of our experiment? Sensors are tracking your pulse, your breathing and the moisture on your skin...Let's see if your heart rate can lie as effectively as our leaders can.


*PLEASE NOTE: places for ​TRUTHMACHINE ​need to be reserved to attend a showing and can be done when registering for PAX.





The PaperBoats

THE PAPERBOATS - Especially on Birthdays

Especially on Birthdays is a new visual-theatre work for 3-8 year olds by The PaperBoats ~ an international partnership platform established by Dave Brown. Part performance, part game, part celebration, the show recreates the joy, excitement and trepidation of the most anticipated day of the year, using light, sound, image, music and participation to invite young minds of all ages to share universal stories of friendship, play, sharing and understanding. Especially on Birthdays has very little language, allowing each audience member to enjoy the performance in their own way according to their life experiences, interests and capabilities.  







The Longest Minute is a co-production between Queensland Theatre, JUTE Theatre and debase productions. Written by Robert Kronk and Nadine McDonald-Dowd, it's the story of a young girl - Jess (Chenoa Deemal) - who dreams of playing professional football, told through the prism of the real-life story of the North Queensland Cowboys Rugby League team and their last-minute Grand Final victory in 2015. Like the disparate community of North Queensland, Jess' family is divided - her dad's Murri, her mum's white. From their sacred spot on the hill at the Cowboys' home ground, Jessica's mob cheer, jeer, laugh and cry their way through 20 years of hit-ups, break-ups, triumphs and heartbreak on and off the field.   





Branch Nebula

BRANCH NEBULA - High Performance Packing Tape 

In High Performance Packing Tape (HHPT), celebrated Australian company Branch Nebula employ readymade materials - stationery and disposable hardware items - to place performer Lee Wilson in a series of mind-bending planes and predicaments. The tension of cheap materials pushed to breaking point, inevitable equipment failure, and imminent physical demise lead to horrific scenarios. Safety and well-being are de-prioritised in new and liberating ways.




Performing Lines Throttle


Throttle is a new work by Helpmann Award-winning Gold Coast Dance Theatre Company, The Farm. It is a drive-in theatre show, viewed from the safety of your own car.  Lit by your headlights, heard through your car radio and seen through your windscreen, it brings a live, tyre-squealing B-grade thriller to ovals, showgrounds or carparks around Australia.  A single pane of glass allows us to feel separated from the world outside. It absorbs road rage and shields us when we sing along to the car stereo, but what happens when we're invaded in that bubble of safety?





The Weekend


The Weekend by Henrietta Baird is a gripping one-woman play available for touring from 2020 onward, produced by Moogahlin Performing Arts. Lara is working interstate as a dancer when she receives a distress call from her youngest son - their father hasn’t been seen for days and they are running out of food. Worried and angry Lara returns to Sydney with only the weekend to find him - traversing the world of public housing, drug taking and dealing, and the threat of losing her kids. 





 La Boite Theatre Company

LA BOITE THEATRE COMPANY - Organisation Update 

La Boite is a nationally significant leader, reflecting our community's identity through dedicate stories and story-telling experiences. The company plays a crucial role in the local, state and national arts sector as a vital incubator and producer. We are excited to explore potential partnerships with our interstate friends on future works that may align with the La Boite vision and mission - our HWY festival of new work is continuing to provide critical development opportunities for our Artists in Residence, Associate Artists, and local makers looking to road-test new works in front of an engaged and theatre literate audience. 





Ilbijerri 1.jpeg


Following the success of a sold out, extended 2017 Malthouse Theatre season, ILBIJERRI Theatre Company and Brown Cabs are creating a reimagined production of John Harvey's epic love story Heart is a Wasteland, directed by leader in First Nations theatre Rachael Maza, with original songs by soulful songwriter Lydia Fairhall. This production of Heart is a Wasteland will build on the elements so deeply loved in its first iteration; the ability of the writer to show humanity as it is, engaging with universal themes of love and connection, without dismissing the essence of characters that are inherently and undeniably First Nations. Heart is a Wasteland is an intimate portrait of two achingly beautiful characters that cut to the country's heart through a whisky-fueled battle of the egos, hidden scars and reverence. A luminous journey toward recognition of everyone's worthiness of love.







Chloe and Hassan are under suspicion for stealing money while feeding the class Axolotl. Sent outside to work out who's responsible, the unlikely pair find they have something in common. Each of them has been forced by their parents to leave their respective homes and face life as the new kid at school. As their personal histories are revealed, Chloe hears the incredible first-hand account of an Afghan boy who's travelled alone, thousands of kilometres across land and sea, for a better life. Is the discovery of Hassan's back story enough to save him from Chloe's desire to protect her position in her new-found friendship group? Amphibian is an epic story of displacement, loss, and adapting to different worlds.





Split Second Heroes

GABRIELLE NANKIVELL - Split Second Heroes 

Split Second Heroes is a story about everyday people and everyday lives. Traversing science, popular philosophy and a fair whack of 1980's nostalgia, this is virtuosic contemporary dance that can speak to a broader audience - superbly physical, thought-provoking and accessible in equal measure. But we know when it comes to contemporary dance, what happens on stage isn't always enough...Sci-fi-esque technology, virtuosic dance and some weird and wonderful tales share the stage as one man delivers his "'not-Ted-talk" story of himself. Starring everyone's favourite antiheroes- White, Black and Grey, Split Second Heroes is an exploration of how we measure our lives. How we long for and create the extraordinary in normalcy.





Bathurst 1


BMEC in partnership with Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) presents The Climbing Tree.The Climbing Tree is a beautiful new work that examines what lies beneath the surface in Bathurst.  It is about the 'authority' teenagers are always answerable to and have been for centuries. The story follows four teenagers connected one day by an unexpected incident. There's nothing revolutionary in their actions, nothing extraordinary in their lives. But something goes wrong and one of them is forced to answer questions that could affect the rest of her life and everyone else's. The Climbing Tree is a story to light the imaginations of audiences of all ages. This show celebrates a town with an extraordinary history seen through the eyes of characters that are just finding their feet. 





The Space Company

THE SPACE COMPANY - Stardust + The Mission 

Stardust + The Mission (double bill) - two stories about love, music and war, and all the things that people leave behind... Both Stardust and The Mission are stories that are about connecting to your past in order to understand the present. This double bill challenges and explores the notion of a "good life" through tales of love, music and war - encouraging audiences to uncover their own stories by exploring the trail of clues that family members leave behind after they die...





One Fell Swoop


Kilter is a unique circus, light and sound installation that brings together One Fell Swoop's innovative apparatus and acrobatics, the beautiful sounds of ORCHA's violin electronica and light artist Meagan Streader's site-specific multidimensional use of light. The piece is centered on a unique apparatus - two 6 metre arcs of rolled steel holding a slack rope, that rocks and rolls as the performers balance on the rope. The work brings the mechanics of our apparatus and acrobatic research to the fore, and gives the audience an appreciation of the rich semantic web of how circus relates to life: the balance in motion, tipping points, clarity in focus, and the precariousness of being still in turbulence. ORCHA's live score creates a universe of unique sounds made entirely by the violin, nestled together with his luminescent vocal style, rich beats and a moody ambiance. 





 Black Swan Theatre Company

BLACK SWAN THEATRE COMPANY - You Know We Belong Together 

You Know We Belong Together is a story of love; that force of nature that strikes like lightning into our hearts. Family, friends and lovers are all part of Julia Hales' deeply personal account of her experiences as a daughter, actor, dreamer and person with Down syndrome. She brings with her the voices and aspirations of a community rarely seen on stage in an uplifting performance with video, dance and song. A Black Swan State Theatre Company, Perth Festival and DADAA (Disability in the Arts, Disadvantages in the Arts) coproduction, You Know We Belong Together is created by Julia Hales, Finn O'Branagain and Clare Watson. 




Barbarian Productions Ltd


Soft 'n' Hard is a complex, challenging and riotously funny exploration of the tensions and imbalances between male and female gender roles in a modern world. Husband and Wife performers Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood use their finely-tuned clowning skills and the authentic awkwardness and vulnerability of their own relationship to bring a relatable and comic touch to the topical and curly questions raised in the #metoo era of gender politics. The show erupts onto the stage with a high-impact, visually arresting and absurd opening sequence, followed by a relentless and largely non-verbal clown performance of traditional domestic, cinematic (and toxic) gender tropes, and finally dissolves completely into a fast-paced, meta-theatrical and courageous dialogue between the performers that gets into the nitty-gritty of modern ideas like mansplaining and emotional labour.





Patch Theatre


Zoom is a captivating story that takes flight from a bedroom at night. We meet a child unable to sleep and curious to understand, who takes us on a transformational journey with light and discovers that the dark is a magical space. The adventures she encounters require the assistance of the audience, as the girl discovers a community of people who can help her make sense of the world.  





Karrul Projects


With a cracking electronic soundtrack [MIS]CONCEIVE has a bundle of sharp humour, and contemporary cultural references to knock the staunchest contemporary dance detractor off their lounge room couch. Kelly and his ensemble move with assured physicality in this high-energy work that pulses with humour, play and personal stories. Voice and body become pathways to traditional dance and song, as repetition and disguise make way for moments of brilliant discovery. Extracting contemporary gestural motifs from Aboriginal archetype [MIS]CONCEIVE's hip-hop, physical percussion and rhythmic cultural pattern is an expressive and immediate assertion of a continuous Aboriginal dance canon.






HACKMAN - The Great Escape

The Great Escape is an interactive live experience from the makers of APOLLO 13: Mission Control. Audience members become Prisoners of War and join in the thrilling attempt to escape from the heavily guarded prison camp. Audience members have to forge passports, sew disguises, learn new languages and help dig the tunnel. And at the end of the night, if everything goes according to plan, escape to safety. 







Created by Yaron Lifschitz with Libby McDonnell and the Circa Ensemble. Circa's Peepshow turns cabaret on its head, literally. Join Circa as they embark on a seductive dance through the hall of mirrors that is your imagination, Circa's Peepshow lurches from the thrillingly acrobatic to the comically playful. Expect teetering towers of balanced bodies, extreme bending and devilishly precarious aerials.





Ten Tonne Sparrow

TEN TONNE SPARROW - Love Song Dedications (with Richard Mercer) 

"Love Song Dedications (without Richard Mercer)" is a comedy about pop songs, written and performed by Tom Hogan & Bonnie Leigh-Dodds. In order to create the show, we listened to 17 years of Love Song Dedications, and took note of the top 100 most requested songs. We then pit the biggest and best love songs of history - from Celine Dion to Edith Piaf to Aerosmith - up against contemporary politics and ideals. (ie: Does Ronan Keating's "(You Say It Best) When You Say Nothing At All" hold up against contemporary feminism?). The show sorts through all 100 songs to find out which is the objectively best love song of all time. It's hilarious, and heartbreaking, stirring up nostalgia and joy, all the while exploring contemporary performance and sincerity, through dance, academia, and comedy.







Two Odysseys is a double-bill comprised of two one-act operas rooted in Indigenous mythology: the Cree-language opera Pimooteewin, inspired by Trickster stories from the prairies of North American, and the Sami-language opera Gállábártnit drawing from ancient legends of the Nordic countries. The operas share the same forces: narrator, 2 vocal soloists, chamber choir (12), chamber ensemble (7), and 3 dancer/ performers.  Both parts of the double-bill were created through extensive intercultural collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and institutions, led by Indigenous directors with international participation from Canada, Sweden, and Norway.The operas are inspired by the human journey through life and death, but as with all Indigenous stories, themes of love, friendship, betrayal and courage intertwine and defy genre







Established in 1984 Expressions Dance Company (EDC) is one of Queensland’s leading contemporary dance collectives. In addition to presenting an annual program of world-class contemporary dance performances at QPAC and other Brisbane venues, EDC embarks on Australia-wide and overseas tours. EDC's newly appointed Artistic Director is renowned Australian dancer, dance maker and curator Amy Hollingsworth.  

In late 2019, EDC will announce their first program under Amy Hollingsworth's leadership and direction. At PAX 2019, EDC will provide an insight into Amy's Artistic Vision for the company. At the core of this vision is the establishment of a creative collective where art is made by the shared energies and imaginations of a broad stable of artists.





performing lines image.jpeg

PERFORMING LINES - New regional initiatives

Performing Lines is joining forces with presenting partners nationally to develop a bold new strategy for developing and sharing multi-artform work throughout regional Australia. Consolidating learnings from the Road Work and Blak Lines initiatives, the focus is on 3 key areas;
1. Artist development (building local creative capacity)
2. Audience development (exploring new ways to experience performance)
3. Presenter development (co-commissioning, co-producing and investing)
We’re looking for partners with an appetite for curatorial risk, that want more direct involvement in producing new work, and with an interest in alternative presentation models. Come along to hear about the projects already underway in each area, and join a conversation to collectively identify artists, work and projects to focus on next.





MERRIGONG THEATRE COMPANY - Lost Boys, The Surfer and the Mermaid

Merrigong will present a number of production ready works including works we have currently in development for future production. These include:
The Surfer and the Mermaid (children's- Tour Ready) in co-production with Bleach Festival
Lost Boys (Drama- Tour Ready)
Letters to Lindy (Drama- Tour Ready)
Dead Horse Gap (Drama-Development)





Little Match Productions

LITTLE MATCH PRODUCTIONS - The Grand Ragtag Animal Band 

Following the hugely successful The Owl and the Pussycat, Little Match Productions brings a new favourite for the littlest theatre and music lovers. Based on the beloved Brothers Grimm folk tale, The Grand Ragtag Animal Band is a 50-minute musically-driven theatre work for young audiences aged 3-8 years and the young at heart. This newly-composed score by multi award-winning composer Quentin Grant will traverse the musical worlds of new classical and eclectic folk music. The four featured performers will sing and play their own instruments live on stage, accompanied by high-quality electroacoustic tracks. Wild gypsy textures meet driving Flamenco rhythms and lilting Celtic melodies in a distinctive meld and harmonious sound world. With vast experience writing for Families' theatre, Grant's score will delight, challenge and inspire with a unique ensemble of Guitar, Piano accordion, Flute, Percussion, Vocals and Saw.





Brief's Factory

BRIEF'S FACTORY  - Organisation Update

Briefs Factory is an Australian creative collective who manufacture, cultivate and present evocative, irreverent, physical performance. Inspired by circus, drag, dance, burlesque, music, comedy and the ever changing world around them, Briefs Factory are dedicated to developing and touring their brand of award winning, genre defying, political party punk around the world. Touring together, Club Briefs and Brat Kids Carnival take Briefs Factory's unique work to adult and kids audiences. The two shows can share a space and be performed on the same day. Club Briefs was where it all began for Briefs Factory, as a speakeasy in the bowels of Brisbane's alternative variety scene, with the goal to create an informal space where professional performers could test drive innovative, late night cabaret acts. It continues with this ethos in mind, an incubator of exciting talent and the best place to see how the art of cabaret is moving into the 21st century.





Bunker Project

METRO ARTS - The Bunker Project 

The Bunker Project' is a new performance work by choreographer Lisa Wilson and audio-visual artist Nathan Sibthorpe. The Bunker Project integrates original music, text, rich visual design, and dynamic video projection. This new work in development will be intellectually rigorous and artistically daring, using hybrid art forms and collaborating with exceptional artists in their respective fields. Exploring the physical threat of virtual alarm, video avatars are projected in juxtaposition with physical bodies, each pursuing a mode of shelter. This work is increasingly urgent, as we slowly learn the physical repercussions of digital fear. 





Yes Yes Yes



Yes Yes Yes is new theatre experience created for audiences aged 14 - 22 which explores the knotty and necessary topics of consent, sex and healthy relationships. The latest work from acclaimed theatre-makers Eleanor Bishop & Karin McCracken (NZ) blends audience interaction, captivating solo performance, and candid video interviews with teenagers. The end result is a “profoundly moving” community experience which harnesses the energy from #metoo and #timesup while moving forwards in a spirit of pragmatism, and of hope.
Yes Yes Yes has completed initial touring in New Zealand, as well as a season with co-commissioning partner Auckland Live - and is ready to expand its impact. We are now seeking presenting or producing partners to present and/or develop localised versions of the show in Australia.






LEGS ON THE WALL  - Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan [working title] is a work in development from Legs On The Wall, looking to develop regionally & remotely. A physical work that draws on something that has for many years been quintessential Australiana, but is so easily overlooked. 

Lazy Susan is an exploration, a celebration of sorts of the humble Chinese restaurants & takeaway shops of all of our childhoods. Of those people, people who are one of us. 

This work draws from the experience of these families who today are 5th, 6th, 7th generation country Australians, but often are the only Chinese family in town. Whose ancestors landed in an foreign place, treated like aliens they forged an existence. The physicality will bubble up from these real stories, real experiences, real smells, real tastes.



Tutti Arts

TUTTI ARTS & COMPANY AT - Impersonal Space 

A unique, full-hearted and funny look at how autistic people see the world. Through the mind of a child Impersonal Space goes deep into how the autistic mind works, exploring how extreme detachment from the "normal" world and obsessive connection to the personal world can result in rare and astonishing achievements as well as destructive personal relationships. Two years in the making, Company AT's original production, Impersonal Space, premiered in 2017 to great acclaim from reviewers and audiences alike. The Company AT ensemble, led by Artistic Director Julian Jaensch, played a huge part in the development of Impersonal Space, with their personal experiences informing how an autistic person would be portrayed on stage. 





Hamlet - CS

CRITICAL STAGES & THE LISTIES  - The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Skidmark 

A blast of Shakespeare for kids. Plus zombies! This very cheeky, very clever, utterly irreverent riff on Hamlet - made especially for children - was first produced at Sydney Theatre Company in 2016, returned due to popular demand in 2018. The Listies, maestros of children's entertainment, have pulled apart Shakespeare's classic and glued it back together with hilarious costumes, loads of silliness and plenty of interactivity. Hamlet is already full of things kids love in a good story: ghosts, castles, sword fights, bodily fluids and spooky stuff. Add to the mix some supersonic gags and expertly timed stage magic unlike anything kids have seen before and you have a brilliantly disguised Shakespearean tragedy for everyone aged five and over. And that's not all... expect bonus pillow fights, pirates, ninjas, ninja pirates, aliens, ninja pirate aliens, zombies and a bunch of other hilarious stuff as The Listies take kids and their adults on a fun-filled hour of theatre.





Still life with chickens - CS 


When Mama discovers a mischievous chicken invading her flourishing veggie garden her first instinct is to reach for the spade. But what starts out as a skirmish over the silverbeet develops into an unlikely friendship. Award-winning playwright D.F. Mamea's slice-of-life story paints a vivid portrait of the local neighbourhood, it's colourful characters, and Mama's dreams for herself and her family. Goretti Chadwick (Pani and Pani) gives a tour de force performance in the role of a lifetime, as she brings this glorious character to life. An intimate, heart-warming, and funny play about friendship, loss, love and life. This is Critical Stages Touring's first venture into touring work to Australia from New Zealand and we are thrilled to be partnering with Auckland Theatre Company on this absolutely delightful, heart-warming, and surprisingly moving story about a Samoan woman's relationship with a stray hen. 







KING is a new music-dance collaboration between award winning director and choreographer Shaun Parker and internationally renowned Bulgarian-born songwriter and vocalist Ivo Dimchev that throws masculinity into the spotlight. It is set in a theatrical world that is part cocktail lounge, part jungle, and it features an all male cast.  Shaun Parker employs his trademark highly physical and articulate choreography in an interrogation of the notion of male power, control and group dynamic: teasing out patterns of toxic masculinity against homosexual, bisexual and pansexual perspectives.The work is set to a scorching live sung narration, created and performed by Dimchev, which in turn, is seen to instruct the story’s key protagonist: an archetypal cis-hetero-alpha-male king, stripped naked in a diverse modern-day male-dominated world.





pvi collective


deviator is an audio driven, gps locative mobile media performance that offers audiences the opportunity to turn their city into a playground! deviator players are charged with the mission of seeking out hidden qr code markers that trigger audio instructions encouraging them interact with their own city in a new way. With a pvi deviator enabled smart phone, the audience take to the streets for 1 hr. From the tiniest of private deviations to the boldest of public actions, deviator blends radically altered versions of children's games with subtle live performance, placing audiences as interventionists out on the streets, ready to creatively disrupt the city, one game at a time are you ready for some serious play?







Sometimes theatre entertains us, taking us to a place of imagination and wonder. Sometimes it educates, giving an insight into a world that is fascinating and unfamiliar. When it does both these things it creates that rare magic that inspires and informs. It's theatre that's powerful, engaging, imaginative, and leaves us a little transformed. That's "Follow Me Home". ATYP is recognised around the world for taking the stories of young people to the national stage. For this project, ATYP teamed up with the Office for the Advocate of Children and Young People (ACYP) to look into the lives of young people who experience homelessness. Developed in consultation with these young people from across NSW, "Follow Me Home" explores the extraordinary lives of those who move among us unseen.





Back to Back



Five activists with intellectual disabilities hold a public meeting to start a frank and open conversation about a history we would prefer not to know, and a future that is ambivalent. Weaving a narrative through the ethics of mass food production, human rights, the social impact of automation and the projected dominance of artificial intelligence in the world, THE SHADOW WHOSE PREY THE HUNTER BECOMES is about the changing nature of intelligence in contemporary society. A theatrical revelation inspired by mistakes, misreadings, misleadings and misunderstanding, SHADOW reminds us that none of us are self-sufficient and all of us are responsible.





NORPA Fold 12

NORPA - Fold: A Domesitc Circus 

Fold: A Domestic Circus explores how relationships, grow more complex over time. It's relatable settings, everyday objects and common rituals transposed into highly-skilled physical theatre.
Everyday scenes are made memorable and familiar gestures are transformed in to acrobatics.
Clothes being folded as bodies and arms interweave in a complex sequence resulting in neatly stacked piles of washing. A cup of tea is acrobatically interrogated, shared and spilled. Mopping the floor moves from domestic chore to intricate dance. A fitted bed-sheet enfolds the acrobats and transforms the scene, moving the audience from playful bedroom, to maternity ward, to funeral home. 





NORPA Wildskin

NORPA - Wildskin

Wildskin is an acknowledgement that most of us harbour secret longings for the wild: to escape into nature as a way of finding our true selves; to break out of the everyday rut of existence in search of adventure; to face danger and not only survive but prevail while challenging ourselves to be stronger, braver, kinder and more loving. The Australian bush still elicits fear and Australian writers and filmmakers have long had a preoccupation with the bush-horror genre. Wildskin is inspired by that genre and the expectations set up by narratives of backpacker murders or films like Wake in Fright. Wildskin twists and pokes at elements of the bush thriller to create a story for the stage that takes the audience to fun and surprising places, and all through the unexpected lense of a woman setting out into the wild.





Nicholas Clark Management

 NICHOLAS CLARK MANAGEMENT - Ann-Droid! The Wonderful Adventures of Robot Girl

The unique show combines theatre and dance with the newest digital technologFoies: projection, a smart LED costume, a robot and a drone in a fascinating story for all ages. A 21st century version of the Pinocchio story with a change of gender sees Ann, the robot girl undertaking a wonderful adventure as she journeys to become a human. She journey's on the ground, in the air and underwater and she has to face many challenges that help her discover the most important virtues in life. Before the very eyes of the audience the drawn animation comes to life where performers move together with the projected visuals creating a 3D live movie experience.





State Theatre Centre of SA no border .jpg

(Οι Θεοί των Ξένων / Gli Dèi Degli Estranei)

The Gods of Strangers was produced by State Theatre Company South Australia in 2018 as part of our Regional Touring Strategy funded by the Catalyst-Australian Arts and Cultural Fund.  We wanted to make a work that spoke directly to the experience of people living in country South Australia, to reflect the wider audience that we are committed to serving who live outside of Adelaide. The play was made with co-presented Country Arts SA and the development of the script was supported by Playwriting Australia. 






POLYGLOT THEATRE - Cerita Anak (Child's Story)

Created by Melbourne's Polyglot Theatre and Indonesia's Papermoon Puppet Theatre, Cerita Anak (Child's Story) takes children and their adults on a sea journey never to be forgotten. Climb aboard and be rocked and rolled across a strange ocean, dive to the bottom of the sea, hear stories on the wind and in the currents of the water and face great danger before coming to safe harbour. Cerita Anak (Child's Story) draws its inspiration from the seafaring history in Java and the true tale of arrival in Australia told by a small boy. Combining puppetry, song, shadow imagery and sound, the show bustles with all the life of the ocean. Audience members, both young and old, are passengers and storytellers on this exquisite adventure.





Barking Gecko 1


Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa is one of Australia's most talented and celebrated spoken word artists who grew up a brown hairy Sikh girl living in the Perth suburbs. Sukhjit's heritage, culture and politics has informed her poetry for years. She made headlines around the globe when she performed a rousing poem confronting racism on Australia's Got Talent and went on to tour her poetry across Australia and overseas. Fully Sikh is Sukhjit's story and marks her highly anticipated theatre debut.
I'm not a freak, I'm fully sikh... Fully Sikh is a new Australian work that explores the complexity, challenges and hilarity of faith, family and food while growing up in the suburbs. It is a celebration of family and Sikh culture told with Sukhjit's lyrical style and flow. 







Inspired by the amazing true story of the 1919 Air Race from London to Australia, this old-world adventure from Bendigo's Arena Theatre Company captures an extraordinary moment in history when flight was inspiring a whole new way of looking at the world. Seven teams take to the skies in a thrilling race to victory, chasing an adventure that will take them half way across the planet. Maintaining their flying machines with found objects, random spare parts and the occasional wad of chewing gum, these aviators undertook their extraordinary journey at a time when 'risk management' just wasn't a thing. Will they survive? Will they make it to Australia? And whose stories matter when you're making history?





The Last Great HUt

THE LAST GREAT HUNT -Lé Nør [the rain] 

Somewhere in the northern seas lies the small island nation of Sólset. Once a thriving metropolis, a decades-long drought has plagued the community and now only a hopeful few remain. From the multi-award-winning team behind It's Dark Outside, The Irresistible, New Owner and Alvin Sputnik comes a deeply romantic visual extravaganza that will reignite your love of humanity. Perth theatre-makers The Last Great Hunt combine cinematic mastery and theatrical magic to tell interwoven stories of love in a world that's falling apart as they perform a faux foreign film live. Lé Nør [the rain] invites you to witness both the onscreen story and the behind-the-scenes action in a nostalgic celebration of everything worth fighting for.


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