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Welcome to Cvent’s event planning and meeting planning Destination Guide. We’ve created the ultimate event planning resource to provide crucial, meeting-specific information to meeting and event planning professionals for nearly every major city around the globe.

You can think of the Destination Guide as a city guide, but created specifically for professionals in the meeting and event planning industry. You won’t find average home values, neighboring schools, children’s attractions or median incomes. What you will find is simply the brass tacks – the information you need to know when choosing a site for your next event. With key stats, airport and travel information, public transit details, venues and much more, the Cvent Destination Guide is a one-stop shop for event planners looking for the perfect city to host their events and meetings.

Our team of researchers, event planning professionals and city experts have made sure to include just about anything you would ever need when researching where to plan a meeting or event. Browse by continent, country, region or city – It’s all right here. Need maps of the city to send your attendees? Need key area stats to run by your boss for approval of a meeting destination? Need a list of entertainment options to keep attendees engaged while outside of meetings? What about the standard tipping practice in an area? Or the official language, if you’re planning a meeting abroad? You’ll find all the Cvent meeting planning and event planning info here on the Cvent Destination Guide.

Choosing a destination is often just the first step of the meeting planning process. Find the perfect event venue with the Cvent Supplier network, which boasts over 200,000 event spaces and facilities across the globe.

Chicago Cha-ching: Saving Money on Your Windy City Hotel Meetings

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Chicago is always a top choice, no matter the season. It's easy to reach and vibrant. A major draw for culture vultures, shoppers, and foodies, the city's riches will boost interest in your meeting and lay wide entertainment options at your...

A Simple Guide to Thanskgiving in New York City

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In Canada, where I was raised and where I live, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October. My first American Thanksgiving was just 2 years ago in New York City. In many ways it was similar to Thanksgiving in Canada. There was a...

Ventura, California – A Step Back In Time

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Channel Islands National Park, a string of five islands off the coast of Ventura is undeveloped and has a rugged beauty all its own.  Known as the American Galapagos, the islandsoffers a variety of activities for groups big or small.  You...

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