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Event Registration Solution for Simpler Events

Simplify your event registration process with the new Cvent Express, an easy alternative to manual planning that builds simple events in minutes. Our event registration solution offers the fastest way to get your events up and running on the Cvent platform.

Cvent Express Overview

Create event-related e-mails

Build event emails, website and registration in minutes

Registration and ticket sales for participants

One-click registration and ticketing for attendees

Reactive websites and e-mails for mobile devices

Responsive websites and emails for mobile devices

Easy to use interface

Easy to use drag and drop interface

Seamless integration with mobile event apps

Seamless integration with event mobile apps

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Absolutely free

Absolutely free (no hidden charges, no credit card required)

Fast & Easy

Fast & Easy (create your account quickly and easily)


Support (request help whenever you need during the free trial)

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