Application Form - Personal Session Provider

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Personal Session Provider with our Somatic Experiencing professional trainings.

Interested in Assisting or Providing outside the United States?

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Experienced SE Practitioners who have integrated SE into their professional practice modalities contribute an important element of the learning experience for students by providing sessions for credit to class participants. Approved session providers may sometimes offer sessions to students onsite during the course of a training module, or they may provide sessions outside of the class environment to SE learners as they proceed through the SE training. For the sessions to count for credit, providers must apply and be approved for the student’s current level of training.

The sessions provided for credit throughout the training are intended as a support for the students’ experiential learning process of SE, although it is understood that these sessions may also contribute to the learner’s personal change process. Sessions provided in this context may differ from ongoing therapy in that providers will not necessarily have a long-term therapeutic relationship with the participant.

We appreciate the service that our approved session providers offer to our students. We understand that providers also benefit professionally and financially from offering these sessions. Please note, however, that being a session provider should not be considered a career path. We cannot guarantee that providers will progress through the provider levels or maintain approval to provide credited sessions/consults after receiving initial approval.

Please be sure you have read and understood our Personal Session Provider Guidelines here.

Completing this application will take about 20 minutes. 
Please note that you will be required to upload your resume and faculty recommendations during this application process.

Also please note that in addition to this application and your resume, you are also required to sign the Provider Informed Consent & Release Agreement. You will be given a link to the agreement on the last page of the application.

Please make sure all required documents are included. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If you have questions, please visit our FAQs. If you cannot find answers to your questions there, you may contact assisting@traumahealing.org.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your application to be processed. Once approved, you will receive a letter via email authorizing you to assist or provide at the level for which you have applied. This letter may be presented to your local organizer, coordinator or faculty member as proof of your authorization.