Class Program Registration Request 2016-17

The New York City Center for Space Science Education (NYCCSSE) increases students' interest and excitement about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through space and aviation science. Hands-on activities simulate real world experiences where students apply math and science concepts learned in the classroom to work together to solve authentic problems. 

Challenger Learning Center
The Challenger Learning Center engages students in awe-inspiring, simulated space mission adventures that include a realistic Mission Control room and orbiting Spacecraft – designed with guidance from NASA. Students are transformed into astronauts, flight controllers, scientists and even journalists as they work collaboratively to solve problems, make decisions, and share in the thrill of discovery.

NASA Aerospace Education Lab 
Equipped with flight simulators, a wind tunnel, model airplanes, and specialized software, the NASA Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL) provides students the opportunity to explore how airplanes fly and how weather and other conditions affect flight. 

NYCCSSE programs can be differentiated for most student populations. Our facility is wheelchair accessible. Contact us at to discuss your specific program needs.

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