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COMBAT Research Study OPT OUT Registration

IMPORTANT: Before completing the OPT OUT Registration Form, Please read the following information carefully.

Denver Health Medical Center has been selected by the United States Department of Defense as a select Level 1 trauma center to perform a clinical research study evaluating the early use of fresh frozen plasma as a potentially life-saving treatment for severely injured patients who are bleeding and in shock.

Traumatic injury can happen to anyone at any time. Patients of traumatic injury often do not have the capability of declining participation in a clinical research study during emergent care. Therefore, people who do not want to participate in the COMBAT Research Study may request to OPT OUT. There are 2 methods to opt out and 1) Wear a dog tag necklace provided free by Denver Health with the words “NO COMBAT STUDY”, 2) Wear a silicone bracelet provided by free by Denver Health with the words "NO COMBAT STUDY " on it. In the trauma setting, your identification may not always be known at the time of treatment. As a result, it is recommended each person who wishes to opt out use  both methods to optimize the ability of the research team to understand the person’s wishes.   Denver Health paramedics and emergency department personnel have been trained to look for this dog tag necklace and bracelet and will not enroll any person with this dog tag necklace or bracelet into the study. Community members must wear this dog tag necklace and/or bracelet during the duration of the study, beginning March 2013 and continuing through March 2016. 

Welcome to the COMBAT Research Study OPT OUT Registration!


To OPT OUT of this clinical research study, please read the following statement and proceed to complete the OPT OUT registration process. 

I acknowledge and have read the information provided within this website and contained on this form regarding the COMBAT Research Study and the possibility of being enrolled under the Exception from Informed Consent Process.  Should I sustain a traumatic injury and be taken to Denver Health Medical Center, it is my wish to NOT participate in or be enrolled in this study.

I understand that these methods to Opt-Out provides no guarantee that I will not be enrolled, but represents Denver Health’s best efforts to ensure my wishes are honored.  I understand that study personnel will look for the designated OPT OUT dog tag necklace or bracelet prior to enrolling any patient. I also recognize that it is possible that I may be brought to the Denver Health Emergency Department without a wallet or that the dog tag necklace or bracelet may be lost during the traumatic event. I understand that I have been given the option of receiving a free OPT OUT Dog Tag Necklace and/or Bracelet provided by Denver Health, and that in order to NOT be enrolled in the study, I must be wearing this OPT OUT Dog Tag Necklace and/or Bracelet at the time medical care is provided.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

Note: We will use this information only to send out materials. We will not share this information with anyone else and will not contact you without your permission.

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