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The Cvent Express Challenge

Come and take The Cvent Express Challenge at IMEX Frankfurt, Stand E650 for your chance to win prizes and be top of the leader board!

Cvent Express is the fastest way to build and launch your registration, including your event website and email invitations. Events can be created in minutes with Cvent Express's innovative quick editing, formatting capabilities and responsive design.

Cvent is hosting The Cvent Express Challenge each day of IMEX Frankfurt. The challenge is open to three contestants per session, pit yourself against your peers and see who's the quickest to set up an event website, launch the event, register and print a badge. Will you be the ultimate event professional from the thousands who attend IMEX Frankfurt?

Only one can truly claim to be the master of Cvent Express!

First prize is a fantastic 2 night stay for 2 at the unique Hard Rock Hotel, Tenerife. This newly opened beach front hotel boasts three swimming pools, a stunning spa and clubs for kids of all ages.

The challenge will be running after every 30min from 10:30 -17:00 at Stand E650

Date Tuesday, 16th May

Time 10:30 to 17:00

Date Wednesday, 17th May

Time 10:30 to 17:00

Date Thursday, 18th May

Time 10:30 to 16:00

If you can't take part we'd love you to come and cheer the contestants on!
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Stand Presentation Topics

Join us at our stand E651 for 30 minute group presentations on these exciting topics:

Cvent OnArrival

Onsite Soultions - Power of the event management platform

Speaker:Tim Sutter, Business Development Manager, Cvent Europe

Description: Tim Sutter will take you through how quick and easy it is to set up your events via an event management platform and how you can track your ROI and ROE (Return on event) easily. Tim will also demo Cvent’s onsite solutions, discover new technologies for badge printing, check-in, attendance tracking and lead retrieval.

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CrowdCompass Apps Boost Event Engagement

Speaker: Nick Tinker, Business Development Manager, CrowdCompass

Description: Two reports carried out last year demonstrated the growth in using mobile apps at events, and it continues to grow. Apps give planners the opportunity to engage with their delegates, pre, during and post events. At this campfire session learn how you can utilise your apps for total engagement.

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Cvent - Power of the events management platform

Speaker: Matt Howarth, Senior Business Development Manager, Cvent Europe

Description:According to Forrester Research and B2B Magazine, 30% of the average B2B marketing budget is spent on tradeshows, events, and webinars, and the #1 reason for hosting these events is to generate leads. Do you know what you’re getting out of your events, or could you be the one in the dark? Matt will take you through 9 steps to generate leads from your events.

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The easy, efficient way to manage group room blocks and automate attendee bookings.

Speaker: Abbie Michaelson, General Manager, Cvent Europe

Description:With Passkey, meeting and event planners can manage room blocks, sub-blocks, room lists and reservations online – and attendees get the convenience of web and mobile booking. Join this session to learn why Passkey is the travel and meetings industry’s leading group reservation, upsell and optimization technology.

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Meet with senior members of the Cvent team to discuss a variety of event industry and technology topics including but not limited to:

  • - Event Management Technology
  • - Strategic Meetings Management
  • - Cvent Express: Creating events in minutes
  • - RFID
  • - Attendance Tracking
  • - Conference Management
  • - Onsite Solutions
  • - Mobile Apps

Hear from Cvent Leadership at this educational Session!

Alex Rolfe

Big data - understanding the attendee journey

The ability to understand attendees' behaviour at an event provides insight into their preferences and overall event effectiveness. Understand the metrics to measure to capture and analyse attendee interests, behaviour and preferences - and how to turn that data into increased revenue. Learning Outcome:
1 What data are you able to measure at events?
2 How to use information gathered at events to increase sales revenue.
3 How to provide an enhanced attendee experience.

Tuesday May 16th 10:30-11:00 Alex Rolfe LEARN MORE
David Chalmers

Three key trends that amplify the human connection

A guide to three key trends which amplify the human connection, consumerisation, the marketing cloud and the attendee experience. David will show you how to embrace them to create a human connection through your events. Learning Outcome:
1 How investment into marketing automation has seen the rise of the marketing cloud.
2 How big data is leading to new hyper-personalisation for improved experiences for attendees.
3 Creating human connections to improve your events.

Wednesday May 17th 15:30-16:15 David Chalmers LEARN MORE
Nick Tinker

The future of social media and event technology: a 2017 trend watch

As ideas, apps and innovations continue to explode on to the scene, what was once considered far-off in the distance is literally around the corner. Event professionals must decide both which technologies to implement to improve the attendee experience and new ways to encourage social sharing. Learning Outcome:
1 How technology will change the way attendees consume content both in the short term and beyond.
2 New ways to use Snapchat, augmented reality and video enabled beacons.
3 How to create memorable moments for attendees.

Thursday May 18th 12:30-13:15 Nick Tinker LEARN MORE

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