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This is the primary Euroheat & Power and DHC+ Technology Platform mailing list. This list provides you with the latest public information such as district energy related initiatives, projects, events etc.

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Dedicated member emails and related information such as: The monthly electronic newsletter (news from EHP, the wider district energy industry, EU energy & climate policy developments and agendas of upcoming meetings and events), invitations to satisfaction surveys, general assembly information etc.

Dedicated member emails and related information such as the DHC+ monthly Updates, information on the latest EU funding opportunities, research projects, Education & Training activities, advocacy developments, latest publications and upcoming events.

I am interested in receiving information related to the initiative and its awards and agree to be contacted by email to find out more about how to apply, become a partner etc. latest information is available on

I am interested in receiving information related to Steel Valves especially the Certificate EHP003 – District heating steel valves (EN 488) for pre-insulted valve assemblies and agree to be contacted by email to find out more about how to apply, become a partner, get certified etc.

Sign up for the PLANHEAT newsletter. This H2020 project develops and validates an integrated and easy-to-use tool to support local authorities in selecting, simulating and comparing alternative low carbon and economically sustainable scenarios for heating and cooling.

Stay informed with news on the ReUseHeat project. This H2020 project showcases replicable models enabling the recovery & reuse of excess heat available at urban level, with the aim to increase energy efficiency of district heating & cooling systems in cities across Europe.

Stay tuned to the latest TEMPO project updates. This H2020 project develops technical innovations that enables district heating networks to operate at lower temperatures.

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