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Depicting Diabetes
It's NOT just a Touch of Sugar
Depiction Suggestions

Diabetes is a serious chronic medical condition that if left untreated can be life threatening. With early detection and treatment, the serious consequences of diabetes can be prevented or delayed.

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding diabetes, and the public may not be fully aware of the potential symptoms of the disease. By depicting a character with accurate symptoms such as, experiencing unusual weight loss, frequent urination, extreme hunger, unusual thirst or extreme fatigue, the audience could potentially identify these lesser known symptoms personally, or in a loved one.

• Understanding the importance of early detection and treatment is a key to preventing complications. Consider including a scene where diabetes risk factors and symptoms are introduced in an educational setting such as a health class or PTA meeting. Due to an increased understanding of the disease, your character may reach out to support a newly diagnosed friend or family member, or even seek screening for themselves or a loved one.

• Consider portraying advice to get screened coming from an unlikely place such as a sports coach, schoolteacher, barber shop patron or congregation member. This type of portrayal could motivate individuals in a leadership position to become more aware of diabetes considering they could be the catalyst to help someone receive an early diagnosis.

Get Tested and
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Stephen Wallem
Nurse Jackie

I was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was ten. Initially, I ran the gamut of emotions, not knowing what to think. Neither my parents nor I knew anything about the condition, which made it very difficult for us to cope with the news. I felt isolated, alone and like no one knew what I was going through. As I got older, I realized those feelings are very common. Living with diabetes means constantly scrutinizing what you eat: Was it too much? Was it enough? What will my blood sugar be? I can never take a break from it. I find myself thinking about my condition every waking moment.

I am so proud to represent the entertainment industry’s involvement in this initiative with EIC and diabetes care company Novo Nordisk. When I was approached by the writers at Nurse Jackie about incorporating my diabetes into Thor’s storyline in the second season, I was thrilled. For me, it is a huge responsibility to accurately portray Thor as a person with diabetes, I jumped at the opportunity. The fact that the writers at Nurse Jackie wanted to portray a person living with diabetes with an attention to accuracy speaks volumes about how far the industry has come in terms of using their entertaining power to educate. Thor has the potential to do for someone what I wish could’ve been done for me: offer a sense of support.

County Level Estimates of Diagnosed Diabetes among Adults aged > 20 years (Percentage)

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Diabetes-The Facts

All to often, myths about diabetes prevent individuals from getting tested and seeking treatment. Here is the reality...

Myth: Diabetes isn’t a serious disease – cancer and HIV/AIDs affect many more people than diabetes.

Fact: While cancer and HIV/AIDs may seem more prevalent due to the resources and attention they receive, diabetes is actually more common than either of these diseases in the U.S., with nearly 26 million Americans diagnosed and undiagnosed. On its current course, the number of people with diabetes is projected to nearly double to 44.1 million by 2034 due in large part to the aging baby boomer population and increased rates of overweight Americans and obesity.

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Picture This: Diabetes

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