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Brokers market share in the repeat buyers market has increased by 10% since 2012? Find out just how high it is

From a survey of 620,000 home buyers across Canada, approximately 45% were first-time buyers. Read more here

At FCT our goal is to constantly improve our offering to you. We want to ensure your satisfaction and ongoing success, so that we can fully stand by our brand identity of Experience Excellence™.

Check out these recent process improvements from FCT:

      1. FCT now sends Brokers Payout Statements

   2. New Lender Specific Borrower Letters 

  3. FCT launches more consistent milestones

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Ask a Title Officer: 
Best practices for smooth closings from FCT's industry insiders

Question #1

I love how your Platinum refinance program offers me a process that offers convenience and cost savings for my Borrower.  Is there anything special I need to do in order to close my first Platinum deal with FCT? 

Find a detailed answer from one of our experienced industry insiders

Question #2

What is FCT's process if the deal might not close prior to the maturity date of my client's existing mortgage? 

Find a detailed answer from one of our experienced Title Officers

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