Focus on Africa: IMF Publications, February 2016

Development and Change in Africa. How can a region achieve its development goals and improve the livelihood of its citizens? How does a country make the move to advanced-economy status? This month IMF Publications takes a look at how development is progressing in the countries of Africa.

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Africa on the Move

Small middle-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa have delivered impressive economic performance in the past few decades. The current challenge for these countries is how to consolidate these gains and make the move to high-income country and eventually advance-economy status. This book analyzes macroeconomic and structural issues facing small middle-income countries from the perspective of IMF staff and draws on input from country officials to offer a number of policy options for addressing these challenges and realizing future opportunities.

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Building Integrated Economies in West Africa

The West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) has reached an important milestone in its development and now needs to advance to the next level by bringing its member countries closer to the status of emerging market economies. This book examines how the WAEMU can achieve its development and stability objectives, improve the livelihood of its citizens, and enhance the inclusiveness of its economic growth while preserving its financial stability, enhancing its competitiveness, and maintaining its current fixed exchange rates.

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quest for regional integration B

The Quest for Regional Integration in the East African Community

"This volume should be of great interest not just to scholars of macroeconomics in sub-Saharan Africa, but also to development macroeconomists more generally, as a case study in the challenges of currency unification among low-income countries."
- Peter Montiel, Williams College

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The IMF's Departmental Papers and Working Papers series provide additional resources on key topics and country studies. Following are a few recent titles on Africa from these series.

Making Senegal a Hub for West Africa

Evolving Trends in Banking in Sub-Saharan Africa: Key Features and Challenges

On Drivers of Inflation in Sub-Saharan Africa

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