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Milken Institute APRIL 2016
Livestream some of Global Conference's biggest panels
Join us at Global ConferenceWherever You Are
Can’t make it to Global Conference (May 1 - 4) this year? The next best thing to being there: taking advantage of the Institute’s digital platforms that bring GC to you. For the first time, nearly twenty panels—including many of the most popular—can be live-streamed to any device. The Global Conference “tweetforce” will be live tweeting the majority of panels, and many speakers will be tweeting their insights; follow the conversation with #MIGlobal. All panel videos will be posted on the MI YouTube channel within hours of their conclusion. And also for the first time this year, the Milken Institute is partnering with LinkedIn to bring you the Global Conference on LinkedIn series, featuring insights from speakers about the most pressing issues facing their industries. See the full list of speakers here.

Read the new Power of Ideas 2016 - A collection of insights to transform the future
Watch the video
CNBC: Curtis S. Chin on Asia's Trump Concerns
Watch the video
CCTV: Perry Wong on China's Economy
Vice President Biden Names Founding President of FasterCures to Lead Cancer Moonshot
Congratulations to Greg Simon, who's been named to lead the national cancer "moonshot" initiative by Vice President Joe Biden. As the founding president of FasterCures, Simon has long been a tireless advocate of bringing diverse stakeholders together to improve the medical research system.
Relocating in Retirement? Here's a Valuable Resource
Choosing where to live in retirement goes beyond nice weather. The Wall Street Journal features the "Best Cities for Successful Aging" report, featuring top retirement destinations that are based on general indicators such as healthcare, wellness and transportation.
Read the new FasterCures Report - A collection of insights to transform the future
FasterCures and Avalere announces an action plan to bring thought leaders together to create a model for assessing the value of different therapies from the view of patients. The framework will support shared decision making between patients and clinicians regarding their most challenging health-care choices and support a patient-centered approach to public and private payer policies around value assessment.

Read the Center for Aging's new report: realizing the potential of longevity
In less than 35 years, nearly 50 countries will be super-aged. In the Center for the Future of Aging's new report, leading experts address the opportunities and challenges that will arise as the age of the world's population climbs.

Derivatives: Good for Risk Mitigation and Growth
By Ross C. DeVol
As volatility in equity markets this year demonstrate, the world continues to be a risky place. Fast-moving changes in foreign exchange and commodity markets have real impacts on stock markets, business confidence and economies. Read More »
Peering into the Black Box of Hedge Fund Risk
By Donald Markwardt
Once upon a time hedge funds commanded a Midas touch, taking in plain old investor money and delivering golden risk-adjusted returns. In less than twenty years, hedge fund assets under management exploded from a fledgling $100 billion elite society to a nearly $3 trillion industry. Read More »
Redefining Psychiatric Disorders with Big Data
By Sonya Dumanis
Mental health disorders are binned into specific categories, such as depression or bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Lately, there has been a shift in viewing these disorders as more loosely defined spectrums. Read More »
Limited Life: Trends, Strategies and Concerns About Foundations Spending Down
By Dani Salka
"The only way to avoid the pitfalls of philanthropic decay is to deploy resources quickly, in response to current problems. This means spending down all of your philanthropic assets during your own lifetime, without worrying about leaving behind an institutional legacy. The act of transferring wealth into a tax-exempt charitable vehicle should never be an end in itself." Read More »
The Great Online Lending Schism of 2016
By Jackson Mueller
No two lenders are exactly alike. And yet, when lumped under the term "online lending," platforms are generally viewed as the same — as platforms that employ technology to create efficiencies in the underwriting process to spur consumer and small-business lending. Read More »
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