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Monthly Dose for the
Monthly Close

For the Evolving Accounting Department

December 2014


Why ART?

Companies put ART into place to transform their account recon-ciliation process. 

As a SaaS solution, ART provides them with a means of
automating account reconciliations, and thereby gaining visibility into and management of their entire close process.  They enjoy ART's powerful workflow management and reporting tools and grant auditors limited access to ART's built in central repository.
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Here is a list of habits your CFO would like you to drop in the new year!

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CFO Torture

Think you are alone in needing to improve your close?
Does this sound familiar?

"Recs are not really recs."

"It's prone to errors because it is not automated."

"We need to speed up the close."

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New Year, Old Mistakes

AG Bio  Annette Grotz

As the new year approaches, my thoughts are fresh with ideas on how I am going to improve my work, my relationships and myself in 2015.

This is not unique nor will anything be gobsmackingly different. Except for maybe one thing, I am not going to carry my old habitual mistakes into the new year. They shall be tossed out with the empty champagne bottles.

It's all about habits and efficiency. No more old tools that prevent me from doing more, better, in less time. I''m buying a new computer - no more Windows Vista warnings! Time for a new cell phone so I no longer have to make additional calls as dropped calls close my conversations too early. Time to schedule in exercise and family fun as remedying these little time wasters will open up new opportunities for me.

I'm not alone in my desire to improve. Below, you'll find what a few other members of the SkyStem team are thinking.

Do you think you will use more paper for wrapping gifts or as part of your year end close? You'll never guess the song Kathy quotes when writing about paper. 
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Ever consider a mistake to be a gift? Nick writes about how this approach to mistakes helps ensure that you learn from them.
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Jenn takes a lesson learned in a previous position and shares with us the importance of passion in your work. Read more >>>

Make 2015 the year
you improve your vision -
into your close! 


See how ART can help automate and streamline your month-end account reconciliations.

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