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Issue 2 Number 8

February 25, 2012


Catholic e-books for your iPad, Kindle or Droid. Whether you are looking for prayer books, biographies, spirituality or even Theology of the Body texts, Pauline Digital has what you are looking for with more e-books on the way. 

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The new Saint Paul Sunday Missal and Saint Paul Weekday Missals will be arriving at Pauline Books and Media Centers in the next couple of weeks. Call the Pauline Center nearest you to reserve your copy.

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This Lent take advantage of the six-week reading guide for Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach.

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Dear ExampleContactFirstName,


Lent has finally started. Has your parish church swapped dried branches for the flower arrangements? Our chapel went from beautiful red roses on Tuesday afternoon to not a single plant in the sanctuary on Ash Wednesday morning. Green vestments gave way to purple. A whole different set of hymns are being sung for this season, and the “Alleluia” has been put aside for six weeks.

Have you ever noticed how tactile our Faith is? Our experience of Church is drenched in colors, textures, tastes, and sounds. Signs and symbols matter. Stories matter, too. Tomorrow we’ll listen to the story of the Temptation in the Desert; next Sunday we’ll have the Transfiguration. If you make it to the weekday Masses of Lent, you’ll soon hear the stories of Jonah, Queen Esther, and the parable of the prodigal son.

Stories are powerful things. They work their way into our imagination. They alternately allow us to escape from our immediate reality, or they give us the tool to make sense of our current situation. Some stories are “new” every time they happen. Have you ever asked a couple how they met each other? Just as love is “new” for each person who falls in love, the faith is “new” to each person who discovers Jesus Christ.

This Lent I set myself a challenge to post 40 images, one for each day of this season. It is my way of trying to live a more attentive life. What are the signs and symbols that you use to tell your story? How are you living Lent?

All blessings in Christ,
Sr. Sean Mayer, FSP
Acquisitions Editor, Pauline Books & Media

We want to express a very special thank you to all of those who have been sharing with us their ideas for Pauline Books and Media.

Meeting Jesus at the Oscars

By Hosea Rupprecht, FSP

It’s Oscar weekend here at Pauline Books and Media and the nuns (well, a few of the nuns, anyway) are gearing up for the broadcast of the 84th Academy Awards on Sunday evening. You see, we not only produce Catholic media but we teach others, through our Pauline Center for Media Studies, how to find seeds of the Gospel in the secular media we consume.

Gospel values might be obvious in movies such as Jesus of Nazareth, The Song of Bernadette, Fireproof or Courageous, but not so easy to spot in The Artist, Moneyball or Midnight in Paris (to mention just a few of the Best Picture contenders). They are there, though, if we look with eyes of faith. How to Watch Movies with Kids: A Values-Based Strategy, offers a guide to watching movies, identifying both positive and negative values, and talking with children about those values and how they can help or hinder our lives as disciples of Christ. Read more.

For a free copy of Chapter Two, "The Starting Point: Values Articulation," click here.

The HHS Mandate, Protecting Religious Liberty, and the Rights of Conscience

As we begin this Lent, our country is struggling with issues of conscience surrounding the HHS mandate. In our community, we have been following this with much reflection and prayer. This situation brings to light in a new way the gift that Theology of the Body is to the Church and to the world. We sorely need the reverence and love for the gift of life and personhood that John Paul II bequeathed to us in his great work.

This week, we wanted to offer you a chapter from one of our publications that highlights this reverence for life. Women, Sex, and the Church is a collection of essays, written by women, which makes the case for Catholic teaching on topics from abortion to infertility treatment, from marriage to family life. We offer the chapter on contraception with the hope that it will deepen in our nation a commitment to life and respect for religious liberty. 

Learn more about the Theology of the Body.

Every day God sends us to minister to Jesus around us

Lectio Divina for the Gospel
of the Sunday of the First Week of Lent
By a Daughter of St. Paul


Mark 1:12-15

“and the angels ministered to him . . . ”

Mark gives a very brief account of the temptation of Jesus. We do not get any of the lists of temptations nor of Jesus’ responses. The little detail we are given is that angels came to minister to him.

In the verse preceding this passage, the Father says to Jesus, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased” (vs. 11). Jesus is the Son of God--Jesus is God. Does he really need help combating Satan? This verbal and spiritual battle is between God and Satan, yet the angels are present. We can assume that God the Father sent the angels, but why? It is not to fight Satan in Jesus’ place but simply to be with him during this time in the desert.
God’s love for us is so great that we too have “angels” around us. No, not creatures with feathery wings, but people through whom God leads us into a closer relationship with him. Lent gives us the opportunity to reflect on the many ways God graces us each day, especially through the many people he sends to be our angels.

I am reminded of times of difficulties in my own life and the people who gathered around me. I received so much strength and comfort simply because I was accompanied. Their actions can be dismissed easily because they aren’t doing great acts. No, they sit with me, listen to me pour out my heart, and/or pray for me. From their simple acts of love God’s blessings and graces have reached me.

As countless others have ministered to us, we can ask God for the grace to be open to go to the people that he wishes to send us to as messengers of his love. Just as the angels were sent by God to minister to Jesus, God sends us to minister to Jesus in all we do for our brothers and sisters.

Lord, each day your love touches me through the people I come into contact with. Help me today to see these angels of yours and be grateful for the many ways that you reach out to tell me of your great love for me. Help me to grow in gratitude of heart as well as to grow in the desire and ability to serve you by serving others. What ways are you asking me to be your hands, voice, and heart in my daily life? Give me the grace to be open to your invitations today and throughout this Lenten journey.

“This is the time of fulfillment . . . ”

Pope Benedict XVI encouraged us this Lent to be true disciples of the Lord who, united with him through the Eucharist, live in a fellowship that binds us one to another as members of a single body. This means that the other is part of me, and that his or her life, his or her salvation, concern my own life and salvation. In this spirit, we join with you in sowing seeds of hope in the world, trusting in the Lord's compassion for each other in all of our needs. If you have any prayer intentions and would like us to join you in prayer, please send them to

May God bless you,
Daughters of St. Paul 

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