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Monthly Dose for the
Monthly Close

For the Evolving Accounting Department

March 2015

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Why ART?

Companies put ART into place to transform their account recon-ciliation process. 

As a SaaS solution, ART provides them with a means of
automating account reconciliations, and thereby gaining visibility into and management of their entire close process.  They enjoy ART's powerful workflow management and reporting tools and grant auditors limited access to ART's built in central repository.
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Ready to take control of the monthly close? Here are five little ways.

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Take Control Of The Close Cover - March 2015

Think you are alone in needing to improve your close?
Does this sound familiar?

"I have a drawer full of reconciliations that need to be scanned."

"It's prone to errors because it is not automated."

"I just need to get my arms around this process."

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Tips for Cleaning up Reconciliations

AG Bio  Annette Grotz

Are you going to lose out on the opportunity to bring a little spring cleaning into your monthly financial processes and continue with the same tired and inefficient manual reconciliations?

Spring is a good time to examine your processes to see what can be eliminated, what can be fixed and what should be added.

Eliminations include overlapping steps in the account reconciliations process. A good example here is a preparer having to review the reviewer’s work, ensuring all reconciliations have been signed and dated. (ART, SkyStem’s account reconciliation automation tool, makes signing and dating a mandatory step.)

A good candidate for darning (to mend or span a gap) would be reconciling to the incorrect amount. Late entries wreak havoc on efficiency and having to go through all of the accounts to see which were affected, is like going through all of your socks after having organized them and put them away to see which have holes. (ART pulls in the updated GL balance whenever you want it. It also points out the accounts affected by new balances – even if they have been reconciled.)

If your month-end close is full of formula-ridden Excel spreadsheets and loosely kept supporting documents, it will not matter how many color coded binders you have, your audit is unlikely to sparkle. (ART helps you improve controls and prevent potential spreadsheet errors while providing a central repository in which to house your supporting documents.)

Implementing ART is a quick and painless way to clean up your account reconciliation and month-end close processes.  Read about this customer's easy implementation.

Pained to hear the reconciliation process many accountants endure each month, Jenn created a list of ten ways to freshen up account reconciliations. Read more >>>

Using ART, you can see your exceptions report with one click. 
No exceptions!

Nov exception Dashboard 
Get real-time status reports with one click. Unlike spreadsheets, ART tracks information for you as it is entered, empowering you to know how the close is going from day zero. See how >>>

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