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Depicting Sun Safety

Sun Safety Mom and ChildTips and Tricks for Depicting Sun Safety

During the summer months your characters are most likely spending more time outside. Keep them safe by considering the following tips for integrating Sun Safety into your productions:
  • Where appropriate, show your characters applying sun screen before heading outside.
  • During beach or other outdoor scenes, you might include a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses as a part of your character’s wardrobe to protect their face and neck.
  • When possible, include opportunities for your character to reapply sunscreen during an extended outdoor scene or suggest that a friend reapply.
  • If your characters are having an outdoor lunch, try to set the scene in a shady area to protect them from the hot mid-day sun.

 Did you know?

Skin cancer is the only type of cancer that is visible and easy to detect. Though many moles and marks on your body are safe, be sure to check your skin and let a dermatologist know if anything changes or seems suspicious. To monitor your skin and catch any abnormal growths early, follow these easy rules:

A= Asymmetrical Shape
If the shape of your mole is irregular or odd-shaped, it may be a sign that it is dangerous. Ask your doctor.
B= Border
If the border of your mole is abnormal, not uniform, or not smooth, ask your doctor.

C= Color
If your mole is multicolored or very dark, it may be a sign that it is dangerous. Ask your doctor.

D= Diameter
Generally, a safe mole will be smaller than the size of a pencil eraser. If your mole is larger than this, ask your doctor.

E= Evolution
The most important factor to remember is that if you notice your mole changing, tell your doctor right away. Safe moles will stay the same, while cancerous moles might change very rapidly.

In this issue...
Sun Safety

  • Tips and Tricks for Depicting Sun Safety
  • A Message from Brian Dyak
  • Did you know?
Brian NEW Headshot
A Message from EIC President, CEO & Co-Founder Brian Dyak

As we head into the Fourth of July Holiday, summer is officially in full swing. With the fun comes the sun! As so many of our creative community members are in Hollywood where a sunny day is just another day in paradise. I ask you to think of all the folks rallying to enjoy summer as they have now emerged from the winter freeze and the spring rains. The stories you tell and characters you create can establish an important consciousness among viewers that the sun can cause irreparable damage to health.

Skin cancer is a very serious disease and most often results from skin damage caused by UV rays from the sun. If skin is not protected properly, as is well known, these rays can cause a sunburn. Multiple sunburns, or even one bad sunburn, can greatly increase the chances of developing skin cancer. Engaging entertainment media to model safe sun habits is an important message that can also be entertaining. Encouraging the practice of safe sun habits ranges from great hats and sunglasses, fun in the shade, and slathering sunscreen...use your imagination. Please give thought to stories that address the realities of skin cancer. Consider the tips and facts included in this newsletter that safely take your characters outdoors and remember to always block the sun, not the fun! Thanks.

PS. Hey, if you decide to address sun safety or skin cancer, let us know. We will be glad to get the word out about your good works.

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