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May 2015

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Why ART?

Companies put ART into place to transform their account recon-ciliation process. 

As a SaaS solution, ART provides them with a means of
automating account reconciliations, and thereby gaining visibility into and management of their entire close process.  They enjoy ART's powerful workflow management and reporting tools and grant auditors limited access to ART's built in central repository.
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Looking for a better way to close the books? 

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Think you are alone in needing to improve your close?
Does this sound familiar?

"I have a drawer full of reconciliations that need to be scanned."

"It's prone to errors because it is not automated."

"We want to standardize our reporting process."

"Managing 700 recs manually is not a good use of anyone's time."

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Timeliness As A Control

AG Bio  Annette Grotz

"Today is the most precious asset you own -- and is the one thing you should genuinely be scared you're wasting." Jeff Haden

These past few weeks I’ve been looking into timeliness and its importance in the account reconciliation process. Aside from the uplifting relief that things are done and that the accounting team can focus once again on strategic matters, getting through the reconciliations in a timely manner is a reflection of good internal control.

The AICPA’s Communicating Internal Control Related Matters Identified in an Audit report mentions the following: “Failure to perform reconciliations of significant accounts. For example, accounts receivable subsidiary ledgers are not reconciled to the general ledger account in a timely or accurate manner.”
There are so many things holding us back from getting things done on time. Some as simple as interruptions from our cell phones or a very busy email inbox. Others are more complex such as relying on manual processes to complete data collecting and matching or relying on meetings and footwork to gain visibility as to the status of the account reconciliations.

The good news is that many of the manual processes can often be automated. (As well, you can put your phone in silent mode and schedule times to visit your email inbox). And while you may not be able to decide on the purchase an automated solution, you can affect change. Here is a cheat sheet on five ways to take control of the close that will help you.

How is it that companies that get all of their reconciliations completed during the close period are as prone to red flags as companies that have trouble getting all of their accounts reconciled before the next close period opens? Read more >>>

Got Supporting Documents? 

Those with a need to know can check on reconciliations, their statuses and their supporting documents on their own. With ART's dashboard, users can go from a 50,000 foot level to granular level in a matter of a few clicks. See how>>>

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