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Depicting Engineering
The Engineer Shortage
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Profile On: Stan Lee

Stan Lee, known to friends and colleagues
 as 'Stan the Man' is a true innovator when it comes to not only making professions in science, engineering and technology accessible to millions of readers but also making these professions cool, interesting, and heroic.

A legend in the field of comic books, Stan has created characters and stories that caused this entertainment form to be taken seriously as a true American form of literature. Among his numerous co-creations are characters such as scientist/inventor Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four), scientist Peter Parker (Spider-Man), genetic scientist Prof. Charles Xavier and genetic engineer Dr. Hank McCoy (The Beast of the X-Men), engineer Tony Stark (Iron Man), physicist Bruce Banner (The Hulk), biologist/robotics designer Hank Pym (Ant Man and Giant Man of the Avengers), and technologist T'Challa (the Black Panther).

Through these characters and many others Stan has challenged traditional stereotypes about these professions and inspired his readers to see scientists and engineers differently.

In November, Stan Lee was the first recipient of the S.E.T. Icon Award for his achievements in promoting science, engineering, technology through his creative works.

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A Spotlight Message from CEO and President, Brian Dyak

In one of EIC's recent PSAs starring the fantastic Pauley Perrette engineers are described as creative problem solvers that understand how something should work and how to make it better, faster, and more efficient for the rest of us. They make the world a better place.  A quote from Professor Joe Lagowski, University of Texas, Austin enhanced by Rick Stephens, Senior VP, Human Resources, The Boeing Company in his presentation at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars drives the message home: We are attempting to educate (and hire) students today so that they will be ready to solve future problems that have not yet been identified using technologies not yet invented based on scientific knowledge not yet discovered!

We all need to encourage the next generation of students to find an interest in engineering, science and technology. This field is vital to our future as a country and as individuals. I hope the following motivates you to promote change through your creative works by encouraging young people to consider engineering and other science and technology related fields as a path to a better future for all of us currently inhabiting the planet, and the generations to come.     


                         Depiction Priority for the Creative Community

With the number of American engineers on the decline, attracting young people to investigate engineering as a career choice should be a goal for every adult regardless of his or her occupation. Only through a collective effort will we be able to grow the talent needed to remain a global contender in the race for engineering excellence. 
  • When developing characters that are discussing college applications or considering college as a next step, attempt to integrate engineering as a possible major.
    • The more engineering becomes an option for fictional characters the more common it may become for young people to view engineering related majors as being trendy and desirable.  
  • Cultural perceptions hold true that material wealth is more highly revered in U.S. culture than intelligence and education. However, U.S. professionals with engineering degrees are more likely to excel and earn more than individuals with degrees in other subjects. Consider adult influencers (guidance counselors, teachers, or coaches) in your story lines that could possibly suggest engineering as a career choice to the younger characters they come in contact with.

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2012 S.E.T. Awards
November 15, 2012

Startling Statistics from
Picture This: Engineering

88% of Americans agree that students with advanced math and science skills have an advantage when it comes to college opportunities.

By 2018, employers will need 22 million new workers with post-secondary degrees to fill 63% of U.S. jobs that by then will require those degrees.

The number of workers in science and engineering grew from less than 200,000 in 1950 to 5.5 million in 2007. This represents an annual growth that is 4 times more than the annual growth rate for the total U.S. workforce older than age 18 for the same period    
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Picture This: Engineering
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