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Youth & Engineering

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The Youth of Engineering

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Need Extra Resources for Your Depiction of Engineering? 

Check these out! discusses engineering technologies in areas such as water, energy, health, and sanitation. Writers can utilize case studies available to create thought-provoking plots for their series. portrays the more youth-oriented aspects of engineering--from the structure of an amusement park to the biomechanics of a skateboard--it's entirely interactive and intriguing. focuses on introducing engineering to elementary-aged students with children's books and engineering-based stories that appeal to a young audience. Such stories could be incorporated into young children's progra




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A Spotlight Message from EIC President & CEO 
Brian Dyak

We have a wired youth who rely on a plethora of devices to complete everyday tasks such as deciding what to wear, contacting their carpool, receiving up to date messages from their favorite celebrities, even turning in their homework. But, how often do they stop and think about what is running their smartphones, laptops, and tablets? There is an increasing interest in new technology but not what makes this technology function. With this in mind, the entertainment industry should consider taking advantage of this increasing interest in technology by exploring the mechanics and engineering behind the newest and most advanced electronics that we use everyday. It is critical to fuel the already present curiosity of the next generation in ways which could improve our society in the future.


Priority Depiction Topic:

Attention and Attraction For the
Youth of Engineering

It's hip and slick! 



The entertainment industry has the power to influence viewers with portrayals of role models that deter preconceived notions about what the profession of engineering represents. 

 Consider depicting characters that are young, cool, hip professionals that solve real life mysteries and complex situations making life better for those around them.


For teen and younger shows:

 Target young audiences with story lines about engineering - encourage them to get involved through classes and after school activities.

 Keep in mind through your characters and story lines that engineering needs to be communicated to youth on their level and in applications that they find practical and useful. This way they can better relate to a field that is not well understood by the general population.

To learn more, check out our Action Strategy for the creative community, Picture This: Engineering.

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