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ASIS National Capital Chapter “Mentoring Security Leaders” Program

“Mentors are guides. They lead us along the journey of our lives. We trust them because they have been there before. They embody our hopes, cast light on the way ahead, interpret arcane signs, warn us of lurking dangers, and point out unexpected delights along the way.”

We are excited to announce that the National Capital Chapter will be participating in the ASIS International “Mentoring Security Leaders” program. This program is designed to match experienced security professionals with individuals who are new to the industry or those looking to advance into leadership positions. If you are a young professional, or new in the security industry or someone who is making the transition from the public to the private sector this program may be for you.

The “Mentoring Security Leaders” program is a process where an ASIS member (Protégé) is matched with an experienced ASIS colleague (Mentor) and is designed to promote long term leadership and career development through a one-on-one Mentor-Protégé relationship. Mentors share their experience and advice on such topics as career advancement, professional visibility, networking and overcoming barriers to career success.

Any ASIS member, at any job level, may participate in the program. Depending on the experience level of the Protégé within the security industry and areas of interest, the Mentoring Program will match up the Protégé and Mentor. We specifically designed the program so that it does not require a huge time commitment.

Mentors should have:

A minimum of five (5) years of security management experience.

A mentor is someone who:

  • Assists in the achievement of personal and professional development goals
  • Provides honest feedback for continued growth
  • Serves as a sounding board for the Protégé to exchange ideas
  • Acts as a resource of industry information and contacts
  • Shares personal experiences

A Protégé is someone who:

Is highly motivated and committed to advancing in the security industry. The Protégé is a person who is eager to enhance their career and takes responsibility to drive their professional development. It is the Protégé’s responsibility to:

  • Identify specific development goals
  • Tie development to their current role or next role
  • Identify individual strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Proactively drive the mentoring relationship
  • Schedule meetings with their Mentor at least once a month
  • Provides feedback to their Mentor
  • Let them know what recommendations worked and what did not work

Please consider becoming a mentor or protégé by contacting Derek Radoski, CPP.

Mentor Application Assessment

Mentor Readiness Assessment

Protege Application Assessment

Protege Readiness Assessment

Thank you,

ASIS NCC Mentoring Leaders Committee

ASIS National Capital Chapter                                               

ASIS National Capital Chapter

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