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Real World Innovation: Where Technology &
Mental Illness Meet

Suggestions for Depiction

Mental Health Key
Technology may hold the key to finding new ways to treat mental illnesses.
“The way the media portrays mental illness has the power to update public perception and change public attitude.”

-Dr. Robin Kay, Chief Deputy Director of the LA County Department of Mental Health

  • Where appropriate, try to include the mention of new technologies that are being used to manage symptoms related to certain mental health challenges like Autism Spectrum, PTSD, and other Anxiety Disorders. Technology like virtual reality and computer games are not only useful in treating these conditions but also training future providers to effectively help patients.
  • Think about ways to show the barriers that mental illness may cause. Consider having your character face obstacles, such as social anxiety, and learn how to overcome it by seeking help from those around them. For example, sources of support may include school psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors. Are these options available in the location in which your character lives and learns?
  • A person is much more than their diagnosis. Consider focusing on your character’s social needs such as love, friendship, and comforts of home, despite their mental illness. For example, you could depict your character making friends and how that process is possibly affected by their mental health challenges leading the friends to be curious about the disorder. This also allows your character the opportunity to explain his/her condition in a child-friendly way.
  • Consider showing your character excelling in school and getting along with classmates and teachers to dispel common stereotypes about children with mental illnesses.

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 In this issue...
Technology & Mental Illness
  • Suggestions for Depicting Technology & its intersection with Mental Illness
  • A Message from Brian Dyak
  • Did you know?
  • Profile On: A Minds Eye, Madly In Love and MiniMe -- Tools created by teens for those living with mental illness
  • Submit to the 3rd Annual SET Awards!
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A Message from EIC President, CEO & Co-Founder Brian Dyak

Technology and mental health have always been interconnected. New research projects focusing on virtual patients are training future providers using virtual worlds that can help individuals living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other illnesses [source]. Technology is providing tools for successful treatment and recovery that go far beyond traditional treatment. Until recently, many of these tools seemed more like science fiction, but images seen in futuristic productions are getting real world application, and making a difference in people’s lives. New technologies and apps created by young innovators for use on a tablet or smart phone have also become a valuable resource for people living with a mental illness.

As creators, your authentic and compelling portrayals of diagnosed mental illnesses in media and entertainment, can disprove stereotypes and by showcasing exceptional technologies you can inspire future innovators to create the tools and therapies of tomorrow. Spotlighting innovation in media and entertainment amplifies your power and influence to motivate change in attitudes and behaviors.

 Did you know?

stock-footage-mobile-apps-seamless-background-loopApps may one day be available for your smart phone to treat mental illness. Whether treatment is pharmaceutical, talk therapy, or engaging in certain activities, the apps recommend variations on your treatment depending on how you answer certain questions.

[Source -]

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Profile On: A Minds Eye, Madly In Love and MiniMe --
Tools created by teens for those living with mental illness

Innovation Labs, a project in the UK, decided to create apps that could help 16-25 year olds cope with mental illness. To get the project started, teens, mental health professionals, and innovators congregated to come up with ideas for new apps related to mental illness. Over 100 ideas were suggested on the first day of the meeting, and were later narrowed down to eight, including: A Mind’s Eye; Madly in Love; and MiniMe.

solutions key iStock_000009440149Medium (1)A Mind’s Eye helps teens recognize what external factors, like stress, can do to trigger an episode that could have dramatic consequences. Madly in Love teaches strategies for understanding, coping with, and solving everyday issues that may occur in romantic relationships. MiniMe is an app designed to help teens accomplish tasks independently, to enhance their recovery and limit the need for assistance.
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