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- July 2016 -


» MARS-Rover Project Update

The Mobile Augmented Reality System (MARS) Rover project focuses on an image-based localization system via 3D point clouds - produced by photogrammetry methods as well as laser scanning and RGB-D devices. It provides “on-demand” and “mobile” access to project information on commodity smartphones and tablets, with or without BIM. More

» Eye in the Sky Project Update

This project focuses on the safe and efficient operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) equipped with visual sensors to produce accurate and complete 3D captures necessary for monitoring construction projects. The real-time identification of actual and potential performance issues during construction -- via contrasting the produced 3D maps and 4D BIM -- empowers project managers to take corrective actions and enables projects to stay on schedule and on budget. More  

IIMM-P&ID Project Update

The ISO 15926 P&ID/3D Information Models and Proteus Schema Mappings (IIMM-P&ID) project is approaching completion with a final report in progress to be issued this summer on advancing information exchange within the capital projects industry for industrial process systems in conformance with ISO 15926. The key objective for the IIMM-P&ID Project is to extend the Information model and Proteus XML schema to support the requirements of complete P&ID exchange. More 

ISDD Project Update

The ISDD Project will provide the methodology to capture existing Industry Standard Datasheets (ISDs) as machine interpretable business objects which are fully re-usable, mappable and extensible. The effort will capture high-value properties from existing, high-value, ISDs published by the credible industry associations including ISA, API, PIDEX, IEC and ISO. More 

» Digital Signatures

Building upon the release of the Fiatech “Practical Deployment Strategy for Digital Signatures,” this project completed the initial survey work to identify and gather best practices on the adoption and implementation of digital signatures. Recent changes within the digital signatures industry are now being reviewed and an updated survey on practices, adoption, and implementation strategies is being planned for this summer. The Best Practices Guide will be written and released in late Fall of 2016. More

» PATS and Leadership Initiatives

Fiatech has now locked in on the methodology,  along with the enabling technology, necessary for realizing 12 Productivity Advancement Targets including over 400 organizational behaviors and practices conducive to enabling success. To facilitate effective communication and convergence on success enabler solutions, Fiatech is developing an integrated and collaborative framework, which provides the visibility, coordination, and information consolidation needed to fully confront and overcome challenges to sustainable productivity advancement. More
  » Real-time Field Reporting (RTFR)

rtfr image
Deliverables from the completed RTFR Projects will allow users to determine which mobile IT applications bring the most business value to their organization from a construction, information management, and O&M standpoint. The deliverables provide knowledge on existing and pending mobile IT implementation that support real-time information exchanges, evaluate the ROI users can expect, and identify the challenges and upfront costs involved. More

BIM Supported Life Cycle Management

This project was presented at the 2016 Construction Research Congress and at two 2016 Society of American Military Engineer Conferences. The project research is complete and the published report will be available here. Participating in Fiatech PAT 11 will grant additional access to our findings. More  

PIF Project Update


The Piping Management PIF Project expanded the PCF (Piping Component File), piping data exchange tools to establish an ISO 15926 SuperPCF that provides achieve smooth piping data flow from design to construction, and ultimately to owner/operator handover. In the typical capital project lifecycle, piping files get created multiple times through the project delivery and lifecycle due to inadequate and improper information exchanges and procedures. More

» Autocodes Ph. 3 Project Update

The Fiatech AutoCodes project is a project focused on the transformation of the building code review process, leveraging digital data & technology to change the industry from a manual paper-dependent process to a digital review method. The project team, led by Target Corporation in cooperation with Kaiser Permanente, Solibri, and Avolve Software, is in the process of expanding the original minimum modeling matrix and have identified a facility – a medium to large KP hospital in Woodland Hills, CA – for the pilot project.More

» Cognitive Companion Exploratory Project

Fiatech’s Horizon-360 Team, with IBM and Black & Veatch, initiated a look into the applicability of cognitive computing, a.k.a. artificial intelligence, to address cost, safety, and scheduling issues facing the construction and capital facilities industries. Since then, three potential project areas are receiving further analysis in consideration for the Fiatech Cognitive Companion Exploratory Project in 2017. More

» Fiatech Member Participation Plans

To assist new member “on boarding” in Fiatech, the Fiatech Board sponsored development of a Membership Participation Plan. The Plan is a one page high level document with an optional second page to further describe member’s specific participation action and resource commitments. The Member Participation Plan is available on the Fiatech website on the membership benefits page.


Meet Fiatech's Nine Newest Members!
Fiatech membership continues to grow in depth and innovation with the addition of seven new members including: Southern Company, Petronas, QPS Engineering, University of Cambridge, ConXtech, Inc., Index AR Solutions, PerfectProjects, Inc., University of Kansas, and University College of London. More

Registration Open for 
2016 Leadership Forum

Attend the Fiatech Leadership Forum for a highly collaborative environment where leaders, in virtually all facets of the capital projects industry, exchange insights, expertise, explore new technologies, refine strategies, and build consensus to shape productivity advancement. New this year! Keynotes from Shell, Southern Company, and Dow Chemical! More

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In addition to the progress on projects, Fiatech has gathered stakeholders together twice this year for education, networking, and innovation. In April, the Technology Conference and Showcase was an overwhelming success in Austin, Texas. The presentations are available for viewing here. The conference showcased leading solution providers listed here and included the much anticipated CETI Awards Gala. The winners are listed here with top recognition going to J. Peter Blake as the recipient of the James B. Porter, Jr. Award for Technology Leadership.

In May, Fiatech hosted a one-day Europe Forum, Efficiency Through Digital Projects Event, in London at ICE’s Building, sponsored by Skanska. The event had an overflow crowd in participation. Presentations were made on leading technology applications and project advancements including Shell’s Project Vantage, Fiatech’s Productivity Advancement Targets, Mobile IT Advancements, UAVs Applied to Mobile AR Solutions, BIM for Handover and Building Life Cycle Management, BIM Level 3, and many other topics. The presentations are available for viewing online here.

In September, we are gathering in New Orleans for the Leadership Forum to move the industry needle forward through interactive sessions on productivity advancement. In addition to the Owner keynotes, and meeting representatives from seven new member organizations, you will not want to miss the take-aways harvested thus far from the Leadership Initiatives and the 12 Productivity Advancement Targets.

Please remember that engagement opportunities are available year-round at Fiatech, so visit often, participate in webinars, join a PAT team, and we'll look forward to seeing you in New Orleans in September.

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