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       DASNY News & Updates: December 2015

DASNY responds to clients, partners with financing policy overhaul

Gerrard Bushell
It started in May with a listening tour led by DASNY President & CEO Gerrard P. Bushell. He met with DASNY staff, its clients and partners.

DASNY listened. DASNY heard them. Then, DASNY acted.

On December 9, DASNY overhauled its financing guidelines and policy. The changes, approved unanimously by the DASNY board, will speed borrowers to the market. They provide certainty by doing away with unpredictable outcomes from often waived requirements for DASNY’s top-rated clients. The highest-rated borrowers now also have more control over their investments.

The overhaul marks a significant turn for DASNY. The Authority is becoming faster, more flexible and more responsive to clients and partners. It is continuing to broaden its expertise in alternative project delivery methods and deploying new construction technology. Under President Bushell’s leadership, DASNY is modernizing everything it does, from internal operations to its interactions with the bond market.

All of this will expand DASNY’s legacy as the go-to issuer for financing and constructing the universities, libraries and hospitals that make New York a better place to live and learn.

“This is a new era for DASNY,” President Bushell said. “We are being responsive to our clients’ needs, while upholding our hallmark transparency and accountability. These changes make DASNY’s services more competitive. We will continue to drive New York's economy by financing and building the social infrastructure that makes our communities work. We are a reflection of the broad interests of this great state."

President Bushell outlined the changes in a speech to the Municipal Forum of New York on December 14. To read more about the specific changes, see this brochure. The new financing guidelines and policy can also be found on our website, dasny.org.
 DASNY staff learns green building means healthy living, too
Greenbuild2015 (3) Greenbuild2015 (2)Jodi
Greenbuild2015 (1)Fred_and_Jessica
DASNY employees: Fred Clark - Architect, Jessica Lansdale - Architect and
Jodi Smits Anderson - Director Sustainability Programs at the 2015 Greenbuild Expo

Constructing sustainable, energy-efficient buildings provides more than savings and a clean environment, it also makes for healthier, more resilient communities. That was the message DASNY staff received from the likes of Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron while attending the 2015 Greenbuild International Conference. The  November gathering in Washington, D.C. of 25,000 public and private builders was organized by the U.S. Green Building Council, the creator fo the LEED rating system.

The annual event provides attendees with cutting-edge information that puts them in the green-building driver’s seat, said Jodi Smits Anderson, DASNY’s Director of Sustainability Programs.

“Attending Greenbuild provides DASNY staff current, leading-edge examples for sustainable and energy-efficient construction,” said Smits Anderson. “With knowledge of all that’s being accomplished with green building, we can better provide long-term savings to our clients while helping them keep our environment clean and our communities blossoming.”

Green buildings help meet universally beneficial goals and focus on connecting community activities. For example, sustainable design looks at transit, bicycle and walking infrastructure to connect neighbors, businesses and communities.

Greener buildings focus on energy efficiency in operations, first by tightening the building enclosure and then by applying renewable and efficient energy systems. Well-insulated and tight buildings provide resiliency as they can function much better in times of weather crisis and power outages, providing in-place shelter at reasonable comfort levels for several days.                                   

DASNY gives Helen Hayes Hospital a ‘high quality’ facelift
Helen Hayes Exterior72dpi  Helen Hayes Quality Patient Care

DASNY completed an exterior renovation project at Helen Hayes Hospital in Rockland County on time and under budget. The project, coordinated with the NYS Department of Health, replaced the façade on the 35-year-old main hospital building.

Edmund Coletti, the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, said DASNY was picked for the job because of its skill in handling a project of this size.

“Working with our colleagues in DOH’s Office of Health Facilities Management, we determined that DASNY’s expertise was well matched to the needs of this large-scale project,” Coletti said. “The DASNY team worked in tandem with us to stay on budget and accommodate our patient and operational needs while simultaneously providing high quality workmanship.”

The 155-bed Helen Hayes Hospital offers inpatient acute rehab services to individuals recovering from spinal cord and brain injuries, joint and orthopedic surgeries, stroke and neurological and cardiopulmonary disorders. Helen Hayes also provides comprehensive outpatient services to more than 200 patients each day.

The quality care provided by Helen Hayes has dramatically changed the lives of many patients and families, according to patient testimonials.

“I was lucky to be transferred to Helen Hayes Hospital for physical rehabilitation. Your facility is first rate. The patient rooms are spacious and clean. The therapy rooms are well organized. The food was very good. But the real treasure is your staff.” – P.O.P.

DASNY publishes 2015 Annual Report
DASNY presents its 2015 Annual Report. DASNY delivers social infrastructure vital to students, teachers, doctors, families, at-risk communities, and the people of our great state.

DASNY makes New York a better place to live, work and learn.

Learn more about DASNY’s capabilities at dasny.org

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