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maria gracia briceño
Maria Gracia Briceño
Team Elite Platinum

Maria Gracia worked as a Marketing and Business Consultant in Latin America and after 20 years of a successful career she decided to better balance family and work.

In July 2008 she and her family moved to Miami and became one of the first Latino leaders in the US. As a new immigrant she had no family or friends so she built the business based on "cold" contacts.

When OTG S7 was launched in 2010 she jumped rapidly to the Ruby position, then to Blue Diamond and then to Team Elite. Her husband Clemente, a former Human Resources professional, joined the business in 2011.

Maria Gracia was recognized as the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for Latin America.

Louella was working as a production designer and art director. She had worked for the major TV networks in Sydney and the BBC in London.

Although she enjoyed many aspects of her profession, the opportunity to build something permanent and to be able to travel freely and create financial security and wealth appealed to her and she decided to join the business.

Steve was a civil engineer managing a mining operation and was working long hours. Steve joined Nu Skin in 1993 and heard about the business from his then partner and now wife, Louella Hatfield.

Steve & Louella’s business is in over 43 countries around the world and know that the opportunity today is much bigger than when they started 21 years ago.

Louella Hatfield and Stephen Kushturian

Louella Hatfield and Stephen Kushturian

Team Elite
5 Million Dollar Circle 
NTC ambassadors

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