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Real World Innovation: Solar Decathlon

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for Depiction

  • When appropriate try to have your character use renewable energy or products in their home – perhaps a younger character showing off recycled clothing and accessories, a family installing solar panels and efficient appliances, or purchasing a hybrid vehicle.
  • Consider having your character drive a hybrid vehicle or add comedic flare by having a character experience the ups and downs of having a solar vehicle on cloudy days, and figure out how to keep power!
  • Think about having your character piloting or planning a voyage on a solar powered plane across country. How will they pass the time?

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July 31st!

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SET Awards are presented to movies, TV series, radio and television news programs, print and online journalism for accurate and impactful entertainment portraying and promoting the fields of science, engineering, technology and math.

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 In this issue...
Real World Innovation: Solar Decathlon
  • Suggestions for Depicting Technology & its intersection with Mental Illness
  • A Message from Brian Dyak
  • Did you know?
  • Profile On: Solar Decathlon
  • Submit to the 3rd Annual SET Awards!
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A Message from EIC President, CEO & Co-Founder Brian Dyak

Alternative energy is increasingly exciting. The possibilities of what can be done and how it will impact our futures seem endless. Alternative energy can be harnessed from crops, electricity, batteries, wind, water, and sun. Today, regularly used object and energy production has evolved, integrating science, engineering and technology in the inventions that many, like me, thought only existed in fictional movies. Who knew that it would be possible to fly a solar powered plane or build a home that is not only cost effective, but creates energy efficiencies as well? Imagine what the next generation could invent or improve if they were consistently shown the possibilities on the big and small screen to better understand that the future is now!

Our Ready on the SET and...Action Initiative may just stimulate your creative juices. I’m sure many of you may even consider writing about your own experiences at space camp or the many amazing young people you’ve seen on the internet. If we increase understanding and get alternative energy uses out there to folks, beyond the public policy debates, we can inspire the next generation of great thinkers to wrap their brains around the next energy breakthrough that will make the world a better, and healthier place.

Your perspective is important. I am really interested in knowing about the great stories, unique videos and activities you find inspiring – feel free to email me or share with our entire team on Facebook and Twitter.

 Did you know?

audir18The first hybrid electric racecar, the Audi R18, just won Le Mans 24 hour car race?

The solar-powered Solar Impulse airliner is powered by an estimated 11,000 solar cells, soars to 30,000 feet and reaches a top speed of 45 mph?
(That means the flight from DC to NYC took almost 18 hours).

Profile On: Solar Decathlon 

Solar Energy

Students construct energy efficient
homes at the Solar Decathlon.
Check this out: college students building houses that are energy efficient, or as some like to say, “green.” Not only are these houses built to be “green,” but to also look modern and be an efficient living space. Most importantly these houses need to be cost effective. At the Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, students compete to meet the demands of consumers using current technologies in creative ways to construct energy efficient homes. Most importantly this competition introduces students to jobs that are available in clean energy fields.

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