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Depicting Inhalant Abuse
Suggestions for Depicting Inhalant Abuse

  • Keep in mind that although many young people have heard of abusing inhalants they may not be aware of how to use them. In your depictions consider creative ways to include or discuss inhalants without actually showcasing a character using them.
  • Legal products that can be abused as an inhalant are frequently items that can be easily found in the average household, tool shed, garage, or school. Attempt to showcase characters in these settings as being cautious not to leave harmful materials lying about where children could easily access them.
  • Young people are often the most susceptible to becoming involved in abusing inhalants. Consider incorporating an anti-inhalant message into a scene at a school assembly, church meeting, or other gathering. This type of portrayal, although subtle, can still relay a powerful message.

Myths about inhalants have led to false perceptions of a 'safe high.' Here is the reality...

MYTH: “Huffing” can only hurt me after a long period of usage.

FACT: A user can experience Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome and die after the first, tenth, or one-hundredth time he or she uses an inhalant. However, long term using can cause damage to the heart, kidney, brain, liver, bone marrow, central nervous system or other organs.

Inhalant Abuse in the Media

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WUSA reports on the tragic death of a 14 year old girl which resulted from inhaling helium at a party. Featuring the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition, the story showcases the urgency of increasing awareness about the danger of inhalants, especially among young people
Warning Signs of Inhalant Abuse

 A number of warning signs can be used in  combination as indicators that a character might  be abusing inhalants including:
  • Persistant drunken appearance without the accompanying smell of alcohol.
  • Chemical smell on breath, skin, and/or clothing.
  • Severe sudden weight loss.
  • Rashes or sores around the mouth caused by the harsh chemicals being inhaled.
  • Flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea, runny nose, or coughing.

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