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November 10, 2011
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Ambassador Dennis B. Ross to Rejoin The Washington Institute


WASHINGTON -- Ambassador Dennis B. Ross, a senior Middle East advisor to four presidents, will rejoin The Washington Institute next month after completing service on the National Security Council staff in the Obama administration, the research organization announced today. He had previously served as the Institute's counselor and Ziegler Distinguished Fellow from 2001-2009.

 "We are thrilled to welcome Dennis Ross back to the Washington Institute," said Institute chairman Howard P. Berkowitz and president Martin J. Gross. "Given his unparalleled experience, we are proud to provide him a platform to contribute to the vital public debate on the direction and content of U.S. policy toward the Middle East."

Ambassador Ross leaves government after 25 years of cumulative service, including the last two as special assistant to the president and NSC senior director for the Central Region. Previously, he served as special advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, focusing on Iran.

He first served in the White House as NSC senior director under President Reagan and then held top positions -- as director of policy planning in the State Department and as special Middle East coordinator -- under Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton and their secretaries of state.

"I have been privileged to contribute to our nation's efforts to promote security, peace, and democracy in the Middle East," said Ambassador Ross. "Now, I look forward to rejoining The Washington Institute and to working with my extraordinary colleagues to enhance the public debate on U.S. policy toward the region."

At the Institute, Ambassador Ross will research, write, and lecture on a broad array of critical issues, including U.S.-Israel relations, the Arab-Israeli peace process, and U.S. policy toward Iran. He will join a team of scholars, experts, and former government officials whose specialties cut across the range of U.S. interests in the Middle East, from counterterrorism and proliferation to Arab, Turkish, Iranian, and Israeli politics.

"An institution that believes sound policy lies at the intersection of scholarship with statesmanship is especially proud that Dennis is returning to his intellectual home, " said Institute executive director Dr. Robert Satloff. "While his departure from public service is a huge loss to our nation, we believe he can make a powerful impact on the search for peace and security in the Middle East from his new position."

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