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Depicting Engineering
Where is the Engineer?

What many people do not know is that an engineer is a necessary addition to many professional teams not just limited to the arenas of research and aerospace

“With the many medical shows airing weekly, new technologies and solutions to tough medical problems can provide unique ways for your characters to save lives"

-Picture This participant

. Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop solutions to technical problems, environmental issues, and medical technology; just to name a few. Everyday, engineers are developing new tools and strategies that are important and beneficial to the needs of modern society. Check out these lesser known professional focus areas that involve engineers and consider new ways to include the most cutting edge technology and science in your characters and story lines. 

Health Care:
  • Engineers develop tools, drugs and processes that enable us to fight disease and disability.
  • Engineers are creating devices that overcome obstacles once thought insurmountable.
  • Engineering solutions for manufacturing, distribution and overall efficiency provides faster, lower-cost means to address health problems.
Depiction Suggestion: When exploring new developments in healthcare remember to highlight the mechanical advances as well as the pharmaceutical ones. New surgical techniques, scanning devices, and even treatment delivery systems have resulted from the work of engineers and can play an important role in any storyline.

National Security:

  • Engineers develop tools to provide the earliest possible warning of biological and chemical threats and assaults on critical equipment and infrastructure.
  • Engineers use their knowledge to design stronger buildings, robust service systems and an overall stable infrastructure.
    • Design things to help after a disaster
    • Robots to explore crushed homes and collapsed buildings
    • Technologies that limit cascading failures in electric power networks
  • Engineers who work in software and information assurance help detect and remove vulnerabilities, viruses, and worms that could enable attacks on our cyber infrastructure.
Depiction Suggestion: When dealing with compromised National Security or natural disasters in your story lines, consider highlighting the engineer. They are the characters who will be problem solving behind the scenes discovering the tools necessary to identify the problem and keep it from happening in the future.

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