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January 31, 2014

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  • Get your Social on! Key Skills for Leaders in the 2020 Workplace
  • If I Ruled the World - Part 2


T3 Conference #87

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Welcome to another issue of CHART's Training Flash e-blast, where you’ll find quick inspiration from the brightest in hospitality training. Read and enjoy these recent posts to the member blogs on CHART's Home Page!

CHART Talks Video: Brief Bursts of Brilliance
Hoffmann 2 
Get your Social on! Key Skills for Leaders in the 2020 Workplace
by Janet Hoffmann, SPHR

In this new social media world, leaders need a new set of skills. They must learn how to balance using social media effectively with navigating the potential risk. Take 8 minutes to watch my video and learn how social literacy can be your competitive advantage.View Video

john isbell
If I Ruled the World, Part 2
by John Isbell
About a year and a half ago I attended People Report’s Brand Camp and was asked what I would do if I ruled the world. The idea was so thought provoking that I wrote a blog about it ( Well, the good news is – part 1 was so well-received that it’s been read by almost 4,000 people. The bad news is that I’ve been getting a lot of requests to write a part 2 so now I have to actually be creative and write it! I’ve finally stopped putting it off and here are my additional ideas I’d put in place if I ruled the world. (Author’s note – all of the rules from part 1 still remain except I’m also banishing the original Dance Mom’s. It’s just too much now.) Read more.

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