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One Stop Solution for Onsite Attendee Management.

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Onsite Check in and Registration

Check attendees into events and sessions as fast as possible and seamlessly sync all the data with the Cvent Event Management System.

Self-Service Kiosk

Impress your delegates and reduce staffing needs by deploying OnArrival in Kiosk mode. Attendees can register, check in, pay, check in their guests, and preview/edit/print their name badge all on their own.

Wireless, On-Demand Badge Printing

Design your badge stock and provide everything else needed for the perfect event credential, including custom printed badge stock, lanyards, holders, ribbons, etc.

Payments, Extra Sales & Donations

Collect payments quickly and securely just by swiping a credit card. Perfect for walk-in attendees or registrants with an outstanding balance due.

OnArrival Premium

OnArrival is available at no additional cost to Cvent’s Event Management customers. While OnArrival has been great for smaller and simpler events, OnArrival Premium is now available for larger events. At an additional cost, OnArrival Premium can help you handle the more advanced needs of larger events including:

Badge Printing

Decrease badge waste and check-in time by printing badges on demand as each attendee arrives.

Kiosk Mode

Provide a high-tech experience, reduce staffing needs and decrease check-in time with self-serve kiosks.

Check Out Mode

Track both check-in and check-out times for the event and sessions. Great for events that are awarding continuing education credits.

Signature Collection

Need additional verification of an attendee’s presence? Collect a signature on check-in and/or checkout.

Wireless Laser Scanners

Use wireless laser scanners to reduce check-in time and get hundreds of attendees into a session in minutes!

Session Tracking and Access Control

Track who attends which sessions. If you require pre-registration for sessions, you can red-light/green-light delegates as they show up at the door of the session.

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