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The IoT Large-Scale Pilots e-Book is out!

This eBook presents the IoT European Large-Scale Pilots providing an overview of the overarching goals of this initiative, facts and figures about each five different and specific focus areas, from smart living environments for ageing well, smart farming and food security, wearables for smart ecosystems, reference zones in EU cities and to autonomous vehicles in a connected environment.

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The Large-Scale Pilots go to the IoT Week

ACTIVAGE @ IoT Week 2019: Fostering Smart Living, eHealth and Ageing well Activities

During the ehealth and smart living track, distributed in three sessions, we had the opportunity to show the project achievements about the ACTIVAGE ecosystem and debated about two burning topics in the Active and Healthy Ageing and IoT domains.


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AUTOPILOT @ IoT Week 2019: Sharing, Inspiring, Planning

Sharing, inspiring, planning: AUTOPILOT experience at the IoT Week 2019 can be summarised like this. The event has been a great occasion to interact with other LSP projects, raise awareness among the visitors and explore potential cross-sector collaboration opportunities in the framework of Smart Cities.


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IoF2020 @ IoT Week 2019: Focus on IoT-enabled smart farming

IoF2020 was indeed well represented during IoT Week. The project contributed to the smart farming track with participation from European Commission (DG Agri), exhibited VR & interactive map in its booth while 6 use cases (including 2 IoT tractors) presented their work in the public exhibition.


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MONICA @ IoT Week 2019: Shall we connect?

More than 500 people tried the MONICA smart wristband at the IoT Week in Aarhus. Even though there were a few challenges along the way, the response to the IoT wristband and its interactive features was very positive, generating increased interest in its potential.


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SynchroniCity @ IoT Week 2019: Focus on Smart Cities and Communities

SynchroniCity committed to demonstrate the practical achievements of its work, of its service deployment pilots, and the open and reflective nature of its expert community. We achieved all this through technical demos of our architecture, 6 pilot exhibitions, and 10 curated sessions on a dedicated track.


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CREATE-IoT @ IoT Week 2019: Showcasing the IoT LSP Programme achievements

CREATE-IoT, together with U4IoT, supported the LSPs by offering attendees information and material, as well as showcasing all the Programme achievements. CREATE-IoT partners participated in more than 30 sessions, in many cases directly organising or moderating them.


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U4IoT @ IoT Week 2019: Focus on IoT Security and Privacy

CREATE-IoT, U4IoT and NGIoT shared a common thematic space on Privacy and Security through which a series of joint activities and tools, developed for and thanks to the LSPs inputs and feedbacks, were showcased.


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NGIoT @ IoT Week 2019: Boosting the Next Generation Internet of Things

NGIoT had a strong presence in this year’s IoT Week, with several members of our Consortium participating in important sessions around smart cities and communities, IoT future research priorities, IoT standardization more. NGIoT supported also the LSPs projects booth in the expo and had its own booth in the public area.


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