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Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Cvent's lead scoring software makes it easier for sales teams to identify and focus on the best leads for the property and efficiently match prospects with resources and availability. Effective lead scoring and management equates to enhanced revenue and profit opportunities.

Routing and Escalation Rules

Routing and Escalation Rules

Ensure that the workflow is consistent, efficient, and the input from key constituents is obtained in the correct order with Routing Rules. RFPs that need immediate attention can be managed with Escalation Rules. Also, our Comp Set Reports help measure your property's RFP performance vs your competition (one report provided per Enterprise Bundle).

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Eliminate barriers for planners trying to send you a lead through your website. Optimise your website to respond to MICE leads quickly with the widget. This tool powers an instant hotel RFP form that allows meeting professionals to submit new and preloaded meeting, wedding and special event RFPs from your website.

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Additional Features

Comp Set Report

Measure your property's RFP performance against the competition.


Multiple reports provide visibility into your RFP response process.

Custom RFP Views

Create personal views of incoming RFPs for each sales representative.

Proposal Defaults

Create default responses to questions that are easily customisable.

RFP Assignment

Assign incoming RFPs to the right sales representatives based on property criteria, so the lead catcher can keep track.

RFP Labels

Use colours and filters to label RFPs based on specific criteria, (10 labels included - cost applies for additional labels).

Custom Proposal Template

Brand your proposal with images, colours and your brand logo to stand out from the competition to increase your conversion.

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