A Marketplace for Occasional Planners

The SpeedRFP Network was developed in response to a chorus of requests from these buyers, who asked for the convenience of researching and submitting RFPs on a single site. It is a buyer marketplace of hotels and event space reaching the hard-to-find occasional planners. The SpeedRFP Network’s advanced search capabilities give planners the functionality to easily find the perfect venue for all sizes of events and submit RFPs via Meetings, Weddings, or Special Events forms

Marketplace for Occasional Planners

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Attract More Occasional Planners

Occasional planners are notoriously difficult to market to because they typically follow a different sourcing pattern than full-time planners. Taking advantage of SpeedRFP.com’s visibility packages gives you the ability to capture the attention of and RFPs from over 150,000 members who trust the network’s ease of use.

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Occasional Planners

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