78% of event planners are taking events virtual

Together, we can help our industry prepare for the future.
In return, we ask that you do your part to help the industry recover: 

1. Reconnect with venues

Source your next three events through Cvent Supplier Network for no cost or commission.

2. Evolve your strategy

Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with a Cvent strategist to maximize your event program. 

3. Spread the word

Share what you've learned with your friends and colleagues on your social networks.

Everything you need to know about virtual events training

Knowledge, skills, and free training

Learn the information you need to execute successful virtual events, including hands-on experience to build a virtual event using Cvent technology.

Register and create your free Cvent account for use for 90 days.

Our course is divided into two modules:

  1. Virtual Events Landscape (2 hours)
  2. Creating your Virtual Event (2 hours) 

Virtual Events Landscape

Wednesdays 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM AEST

Understand the key components of virtual events:

  • Industry overview
  • Types of virtual events
  • Components of a virtual event
  • Event goals and attendee engagement
  • Success metrics and data

Creating your Virtual Event

Thursdays 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM AEST

Learn how to Build it in Cvent:

  • Convert an in-person event to virtual
  • Create a simple event
  • Employ Virtual Conference and advanced considerations
  • Adopt Virtual Presenter tips and tricks