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How Cvent Celebrity Works



Give feedback. Read blogs. Attend webinars. Beta test. These are just some of the regularly updated activities (or challenges) you can complete in Cvent Celebrity. Challenges are a fun and interactive way to stay updated on Cvent products, learn best practices, and get the latest industry news so you can build your personal brand as a Cvent expert.



Connect with like-minded users in the Discussion forums. Chat about Cvent and industry best practices or meet users like you. The conversation is yours!



Did we mention that you’ll earn points for completing challenges? The more challenges you complete, the more points you’ll earn. Points can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards, awesome goodies and more.

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We Love Cvent Celebrity

  • Celebrities shape the future of our products.
  • Celebrities share positive experiences.
  • Celebrities are trusted advisors.
  • Celebrities help us grow.

You Love Cvent Celebrity

  • Celebrities grow in their careers.
  • Celebrities are educated on best practices.
  • Celebrities get exclusive access.
  • Celebrities build connections with their peers.

"I really do like scrolling through other advocates answers to see what they’re saying, even those that have nothing to do with Cvent at all. It’s just a fun community to be engaged in with like-minded people."

Colleen Kennedy

Senior Associate, Pew Charitable Trusts

"I'm mildly obsessed with this community. Being able to share best practices, see what others are doing, and access to relevant articles is so wonderful. All of the little activities, games, and questions truly create this lovely little community in our corner of the Internet and makes it so fun to see people in person at Cvent CONNECT!"

Emma Bica

Marketing Communications Specialist, PeopleNet

"[Cvent Celebrity] is helping me get to know the different parts of Cvent marketing and making me more aware of the behind the scenes of Cvent."

Bonnie Buck

Senior Global Event Planner, Platforms at IHS

Become a Cvent Celebrity