April 24, 2018
By Featured Venues & Destinations

Northern California’s Mount Diablo Region, located in the San Francisco East Bay Area, offers thriving cities, scenic settings, and a convenient location for Bay Area activities. Here are three reasons why it's a perfect place for your meeting or conference:

  1. The emergence of the 680 Corridor (or Mount Diablo Region). The East Bay/Mount Diablo Region is being recognized as a premier location for shopping, dining, and new development. Conference guests enjoy a friendly and comfortable environment, as well as a dynamic urban setting.
  2. The setting near Mount Diablo, with spectacular parks and trails. The 680 Corridor offers some of the most incredible hiking and biking trails in Northern California, with fantastic views of the nearby hills and Mount Diablo.
  3. A location near the entire Bay Area. The Mount Diablo Region is within about an hour’s drive of San Francisco, the wine country, and Silicon Valley. Bay Area Rapid Transit trains also travel through the region. It is the perfect “home base” for your conference or event, and guests can then plan visits throughout the Bay Area. However, with the emergence of the cities in the East Bay’s 680 Corridor, visitors may decide to focus on exploring and enjoying Northern California’s Mount Diablo Region.

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