August 20, 2014
By Cvent Guest

Mobile apps have a profound effect on brand engagement. In fact, the average smartphone user spends 140 minutes a day using apps. And with more and more trade shows providing apps for the show, these mobile users will more than likely be using the app for up-to-date info and assistance. Sponsors can get in on this mobile engagement.

Sponsorship ads

 One easy way to get brand engagement is through sponsorship ads on the event app. If you go the route of sponsorship ads, make sure the graphics are strong and engaging, and the messaging is clear, so that your attendees click on the ad for more information about your company. Keep your digital strategy in mind as well when doing sponsorship ads. For example, direct your ad link to a strong web page.

Push notifications

Push notifications are another great way to get your brand in front of your attendees. Use the event app push notifications to inform attendees about upcoming lectures, demonstrations, and specials happening in your booth. Also, see what perks your push notification might get with a sponsorship, such as branding or links to downloadable items like brochures.

Wi-Fi, charging stations, and other things mobile users need

Keep in mind other ways you can connect with your mobile audience, including sponsoring faster Wi-Fi, supplying charging stations, even providing games that can be played on the attendees' mobile device. These are different and unique ways to connect with your mobile-using attendee with branded mobile support.

Have other tips for sponsors to connect with attendees via mobile?  Be sure to share here!

Written by Lisa Apolinski 

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