August 20, 2019
By Cvent Supplier Network

Located in Caracas, the Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites Caracas offers guests elegant accommodations with contemporary style. The hotel has 617 modern rooms and suites, which have been divided into five types: First Class, Business Class, Business Woman, Deluxe and Standard.

While the rest are fairly straightforward in terms of the service they offer, the Business Woman is a special room type designed exclusively for the business woman traveler. The room was designed with the intention of providing a sanctuary for the executive woman to rest and unwind in after a long day of business decision-making.

The hotel has 17 meeting rooms for social and corporate events, all equipped with the latest technology. The event space also includes a convention center, with 1,915 square meters of meeting space – a capacity to host events for 3,000 people.

Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites Caracas offers a shopping gallery, a fitness center, a spa and sauna, two outdoor swimming pools, three outdoor Jacuzzis, a tennis court, a lobby bar and four restaurants with international cuisine menus. The business center offers translation, secretarial and post services. The hotel also offers 24-hour room service, covered and valet parking, hairdressing and barber services, and high-speed internet access.



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