August 20, 2019
By Emily Vera

You know the value you’ll receive from three days of learning and networking at Cvent CONNECT, but all your boss hears is “time off” and “Las Vegas.” Getting approval to take the better part of a week away from work is a challenge, especially when asking for company funding for the trip. Break through to your boss and justify your trip to Cvent CONNECT by highlighting what matters most to him or her. Here are four key areas to focus on:

Benefits to Specific Projects

You’ll be learning about the latest hospitality trends, technologies, and methodologies that will add tremendous value to your organization, but you need to break it down further than that. Showcase which of Cvent CONNECT’s 20+ focused breakout sessions will aid your projects or initiatives. Be specific. Highlight which sessions you want to attend, what best practices you are looking to learn and what actionable insights you can bring back to improve current processes. Your boss will feel more confident in letting you attend knowing that you have a game plan to focus on specific solutions and best practices to help drive the organization’s success.

Cost Breakdown

Every boss wants to know, “How much is this going to cost?” Don’t tip-toe around the total cost. Instead, use it to demonstrate how attending Cvent CONNECT is the most cost-effective way to ensure you’re getting the most from your Cvent investment. Here’s a sample breakdown you can provide your boss to lay out the conference costs:

Airfare: $ X
Transportation (Round trip tax from airport to hotel): Approx. $30- $40
Hotel (The Venetian | The Palazzo, Sands Expo, 3 nights): $199/night + $30 resort fee + 12.5% tax
Registration Fee: $999
Total: $ X


Customer Success Stories

This is a once a year opportunity to interact with Cvent senior management, technology and marketing experts, as well as our industry’s top event professionals in the same place at the same time. Meetings that would normally take weeks to happen can all happen at one time, on-site at Cvent CONNECT. Additionally, you'll get to hear directly from other clients on how they are using Cvent to achieve success. There’s a reason 95% of attendees from last year’s Cvent CONNECT want to return this year! Play this success story from LA Tourism and Convention Board’s Darren Green for your boss and let it speak for itself.

IFramePost-Conference Reporting

Nothing will discourage your boss from letting you attend industry events like Cvent CONNECT more than neglecting to provide a post-conference report. Show that you’re willing to bring back and share the relevant information with key personnel throughout the company. Include in your post-conference report an executive summary, key industry takeaways, best practice tips, and a set of recommendations to maximize your current investments in Cvent. A post-conference report holds you accountable for taking notes, making connections, and being an active learner at the conference. And what boss doesn’t love accountability?

Ready to make your case? Download our “Why I Must Attend Cvent CONNECT 2016” letter template to get started! If you need additional help convincing your boss, tweet @CventCONNECT, and we’ll help you overcome any objections.

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